Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Which Dress Did Emma Choose?

Another neat thing about living in Utah is that there are stores specifically for all your white dress needs. I loved this opportunity to go with Emma to try on dresses for her baptism in this store. It made me think of the day I will be with her again trying on wedding dresses. They have these three way mirrors too that she could come look at herself in, in each beautiful dress. I was joking with Madison and Mikayla because their dresses were blood red for their baptism. It was winter and no store had white dresses. Ordering online was too new so I don't think it was even an option back then.

Now, all of you that check my blog, get to try and guess which of these dresses that she tried on, she chose. Her baptism will be the 11th of April in California so you will have to attend the baptism to find out, or wait until I post pictures of her special day. Will it be dress #1,2,3,4, 0r 5 with the picture directly underneath this being #1 and down from there.
Sidenote: she was not feeling well when we took these pictures but she was a trooper.

I was messing with buttons on my camera and ended up on these color ones. Emma loves the pink hair and wants me to color her hair pink.


Cherie said...

I don't know which one she chose but I choose #2! I also like the pink hair (wink wink).

I love the beautiful white dresses for the girls. That is fun that the store had the 3 way mirrors and everything. It would make any little girl feel like a princess!

rad6 said...

I think number 2 or number 1
When are you posting the answer??

Carolyn said...

I'll post the answer when we get back from our trip to California which will be the Monday or Tuesday after Easter.

Sharp Family said...

Definately dress #2, she looks like a princess! Congrats on her baptism. This is your last one.

Grandma Woods said...

I think she looks like an angel in #1.