Monday, February 21, 2011

Visit With the Tanton's

Brandi (Tanton) Richard's had her baby shower this weekend and it was so fun to see Brandi and Kelsey and Penny who put it on for her. Linda, Bill and Nikki were here also because they are expecting Brandi to have her baby any day now. We were so happy they were able to take some time to come to our home and join us for dinner along with the Larsen's. The Tanton's have always been some of our favorite people - we just love them.

Nikki was one of the young women Shawnee and I taught in Antelope and we both just love her.

 Ethan is Nikki's little boy. He is so funny we loved having him here.

 Ethan's Super Why costume

Super Why Grandpa Tanton!

Linda showed us the needle trick to show you how many kids you will have. Looks like we will have lots of grandkids.

 I think they were looking at guns or something - or something about Afghanistan

Linda swears this works!

Valentine's Day 2011

Our tradition for valentine's Day is to have crab. This year we still had crab but I found a recipe for scallops that sounded really good. when jeff told me scallops were a shellfish( I like shell fish but not other fish), I decided we needed to add these to our dinner. They were really good. Mom was also up this Valentine's Day because she was babysitting for Nathan so we had her join us with Nathan's kids. On a side note, we had dinner on Sunday because Jeff had to be back up to work in Idaho Monday - Valentine's was really on Monday this year.  Sunday night he told me he was going to play hookie Monday and stay home with me. We went to a restaurant near us called Rooster's that we've never been to before and it was really good. After dinner we went to the mall and he bought me some perfume - Viva la Juicy - and I love it. Fun Valentine weekend.

Mom bought supplies for the kids to decorate their Valentine's boxes.

Taylor was pretty stuffed after the meal

Daddy Daughter Dance 2011

I think it is a new tradition. This is the second year Jeff has taken emma and Olivia to the Daddy Daughter Valentine's dance that the city puts on. The girls just love it and have so much fun having this special time with their dad.

This is just a picture of their cute pony tails.

Senior Appreciation Night

Madi's second to last game they had Senior appreciation night. This was the night all the girls were looking forward to because Gerald, the main sponsor for their team, gave them their Davis blanket which they all really wanted. It was a fun night and again bittersweet as Madi's basketball career comes to a close. It has been so much fun to be at her games and cheer her on for the past 8 or so years. She has always been my favorite player on the court.

The four Amigo's. they had such a fun time together this year.

I had surgery on my forehead earlier that day so I had to hide under a hat.

Madi's fan club

Emma's 4th Grade Play

We attended our final 4th grade history play this week. In total, we attended 4 California history plays and two Utah history plays. It is bittersweet to think about the things we won't be doing anymore because the kids are growing up. Emma did a great job and was fun to watch how much she was enjoying being a part of the play.

Emma with her friend Rachel

Emma had two teachers this year. This is Miss Souther.

  This is Mrs. Zalit

M&M's 18th Birthday

Madi and Mikayla again went to California for their birthday. This time they brought Jake with them and did a little sight seeing in San Francisco. 

At the airport with dad - Jake loves airplanes.

Fake tattoo. For some reason he likes to get these at Bowman's.

Jackson, Wyoming

The week after Christmas, Madi and Mikayla went to California for their birthday and Jeffrey went with the Dorius's to Bear Lake so the little girls and I decided to go to Wyoming with Jeff to hang out while he worked up there. It was a fun relaxing few days.

 The items behind the girls in this picture were priced in the hundreds of thousands. A very pricey store. We kept our arms folded and didn't touch anything.

We loved our free hot chocolate and warm cookies in the evening at the hotel. we also loved our free breakfast and dinner.

Treats at the candy store

The arches were pretty at night with the lights on them.

In the background of this picture, the little red dots are the eyes of several large Moose.