Friday, June 25, 2010

Smith's Easter Egg hunt

Before the first session of conference Saturday, Jeff and I took Olivia and Emma to the breakfast and Easter egg hunt at Smith's.

They served donuts, juice and chocolate milk to everyone.

They came home with qute a bit of candy.
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Gold Knight

Taylor received the Gold Knight award at school. A friend nominated her for always being nice to her even when others weren't. Definitely a typical award for Taylor to receive.

This is her friend Bailey who also received an award that night.

Taylor being "knighted" by the principal.

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Olivia's State Project

Jeff and I went to Olivia's program at school. They did a cute play and then displayed and told a little about the state they chose. Of course Olivia wanted California but Cade Larsen, who is a family friend and also from California, got it first.

Olivia and her best friend Katelyn

Olivia and this boy had to pretend they were getting married- it was so cute.
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Easter Family Night

We had our usual resurrection rolls for our Easter family night. They are always a hit.

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General Young Women's Meeting 2010

We have a new tradition that I love. I don't know if it is Taylor's favorite thing but the General Young Women's Meeting is always the same weekend as her birthday and we have been able to go each year with Tanya and Renae. It is a special night with my girls that I hope they look back on when they are older and have fond memories of. The question is, do I bring Olivia with me next year since it is only three weeks from her 12th birthday and I can have four of my girls with me? The year after that I will be down to only Olivia and Taylor. These kids need to stop growing up.

Typical picture of my twins when the camera comes out.

What I thought was really neat this year was when the prophet entered the room. There was a lot of talking going on as everyone was entering, getting seated and waiting for the meeting to begin. As soon as the prophet came in, the building went silent and everyone stood.(This picture is not from that moment). Such reverance and respect from a group of young women was neat to witness and be a part of.

Here is the crowd leaving the Conference Center - and Madi's hair blowing in the wind. We got to walk diagnally across the intersection this time.
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Taylor's 14th Birthday

When my kids have a birthday that lands on a Sunday, it seems I go over board doing things all weekend long. Taylor had a fun filled birthday weekend. First, she and I went shopping at the mall. We went to Nordstrom's first for a makeover, then lunch, then clothes shopping. It was fun spending time alone with just Taylor. Since Taylor was born she has been such a happy child and I knew she would bring happiness and joy to our family. Even as a TEENAGER she continues to bring happiness and joy to our family. I love her so much and am so grateful she chose to come to our family.
For some reason I can't write in between the pictures but note the pictures of the girls gathered around the table. As I was taking pictures I noticed the brunettes were all sitting together on one side of the table and the blonds were all together on the other side. Hmmmm... interesting.
You can't tell but the last few pictures were of the Easter egg hunt in the dark. They loved it  and want to do another next year.