Friday, June 25, 2010

Taylor's 14th Birthday

When my kids have a birthday that lands on a Sunday, it seems I go over board doing things all weekend long. Taylor had a fun filled birthday weekend. First, she and I went shopping at the mall. We went to Nordstrom's first for a makeover, then lunch, then clothes shopping. It was fun spending time alone with just Taylor. Since Taylor was born she has been such a happy child and I knew she would bring happiness and joy to our family. Even as a TEENAGER she continues to bring happiness and joy to our family. I love her so much and am so grateful she chose to come to our family.
For some reason I can't write in between the pictures but note the pictures of the girls gathered around the table. As I was taking pictures I noticed the brunettes were all sitting together on one side of the table and the blonds were all together on the other side. Hmmmm... interesting.
You can't tell but the last few pictures were of the Easter egg hunt in the dark. They loved it  and want to do another next year. 

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