Thursday, January 29, 2009

winter soccer league

Emma's soccer team began their winter league. She is having more fun and playing better than ever before. Hopefully I can get my camera figured out and take better pictures of her playing in future games. For now here she is in action on the field.

mutual night

We had mutual at our house last night. American Idol was in Salt Lake and many of the girls wanted to watch it because they knew some people that were trying out like one of Madi's teachers. It was a fun night. They made quote books and cookies for those that didn't make it to mutual while watching American Idol. So many different personalities and interests but all great girls and fun to be around.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Mena's twin

This is an infomercial for the Foodsaver. Olivia saw this and had me run in to see this lady that looks like Aunt Mena because they have the same mouth. When Olivia saw this up on the blog she said, "yep, that's Aunt Mena!" So here it is Mena, what do you think?

Saturday sledding

We took the kids over to a great park for sledding for the fun of it the other day. It is a fun, new option for days when we don't have anything to do. In California, it would have been an all day trip.

Jeffrey looking like a pro. Our little friend Claire Hunsaker is in the picture with her small snow shovel that she was sliding down on.

We ran into some friends of ours while we there, the Hunsakers.
Mikayla may look lazy here but she was all over the park sledding and having fun.
Madi was just lazy the whole time and refused to try and have fun in the snow. Her loss.
Ok, maybe Mikayla is being lazy here with Madi, but it was only for a very short time.
I loved this little bridge. I can't wait to see this park in the spring when it is not full of snow.
Go Jeff! Love the facial expression.
Jeff was jumping over the girls when they came down the hill.

jammy girls

It was pajama day at school last week so the girls got comfy cozy. In looking at these pictures I noticed Emma wore my new slippers.


Emma went to the school roller skating night with her friends. She was the fastest in the skating race and won a handful of candy. Good job Emmy!

chicken perch project

Emma and Olivia had a special project they worked on with dad. Our chickens needed a place to perch at night to sleep so Jeff and the little girls worked hard together and made these perches for our chickens. They had fun working together.


Friday, January 9, 2009

Shower caps?

This picture is a keeper. They wanted to get in the tub to play but I told them they had to wear a shower cap because I already did their hair. Apparently they think my highlighting caps are shower caps. Funny girls!

Lady Dart

Yeah! Madi made the Davis High School Basketball team! Now she is officially a Lady Dart?!? Just doesn't have the same ring that Lady Eagles does.

She was on fire at this game last week.

Here she is going up for her free throws -both of which she made. It is so fun to go to her games and watch her play.

New Year's week

We had a good start to a new year with the arrival of family members that came to visit. Mom, Dad, Tony and Tracey came out to spend the week with us. It was fun having them here and I realized that I enjoyed having guests and hope that more will come. Because it was still Christmastime, it felt like I had my Christmas party that I wanted with all the get- togethers we had.

We wanted to take them to Holy Smokes their first night here but because it was New Year's Eve they closed early. We opted for Red Robin just down the street.

The next day Dad, Jeff and Tony went to the movies to see Valkyre while us girls went to check out Gardner Village. Strike two!Again because it was New Year's Day, they were closed so we window shopped and mom and Tracey went back when they went out fabric shopping on another day.
Mom's cousin Jeannine lives close to Gardner Village so we dropped in on her to say hello. I told Jeannine since she was still in her pj's I wouldn't take pictures of her. Here we are with her daughter Audrey instead.
On New Year's we had an adult dinner/ birthday dinner for Mom, Tracey, Nathan and Tanya at our house while all the kids partied down at the Dorius house. Tony cooked a fancy, delicious dinner for us. Let's just say he was not pleased when I told him we were using paper goods to eat on because I didn't have enough plates and utensils for everyone. He then found the positive in the situation and called it an Italian picnic.
Soren and Ashley - still the newly weds
The older generation. Mom, Dad, Tanya's mom Mary, Aunt Dawn and Uncle Sheldon(mom's brother). Great picture of them all.
Me, Tanya, Tracey and Ashley
Tony and sicky Taylor(strep throat) at dinner at Nathan's.
Very cute picture that I can't believe Renae let me take and she even smiled!
Nicolene and Emma. Emma loved their magic set.
Everyone watching the Sugar Bowl with Utah against Alabama. I'm glad that's Dallin under that dog and not me.
Jeff with the sicky this time. Bless her heart.
I tried getting a picture with Jeff and this is as good as I could get.
Finally dinner at Holy Smokes on their last night. Yummy! Mother was more than willing to take the pictures because she does not like being in them.
It was also Tracey's birthday on their last day here. While we were at dinner Mikayla made a cake for her. I am guessing it was also Mikayla that straightened up a little too so it would look nice.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Body Worlds

Body Worlds

We had a fun day together Saturday in Salt Lake. We went to Body Worlds and then out to lunch at Crown Burger. Body Worlds was fascinating. My favorite part was where they showed every stage of a fetus growing from about a week along up to nine months. They had actual fetus's at every month. We got there at a good time. There were no lines at all when we went in but when we were leaving the lines were downstairs and upstairs weaving in and out of the ropes. That would have added a good two hours at least onto the viewing.
We rarely ever eat fast food, we would prefer running to a grocery store for something to eat but Jeff wanted us to try Crown Burger so we went. It wasn't bad for a fast food joint. They have indian food mixed with american there. I have more pictures of us at lunch then at Body worlds because they obviously wouldn't let us take pictures inside.

Inside the Leonardo where Body World's was displayed.

Heading back down to the car. Where's Jeffrey?
My cute teenage girls. I can't believe how old and cute they all are. It blows me away that I have girls this old.

Jeff and the cute littel girls. It is so much fun having little ones still. I love thier imaginations and excitement for everything.

everyone digging in to their lunch. aside from a few stomach aches later because they are not used to fast food, it was enjoyable.
Jeff told Emma to eat her crust. Later I looked at her plate and all she did was nibble it down a little closer to the crust . Cute kid!
My cute Emma.
The girls' day was topped off with a box waiting for them on the doorstep when we got home. Bryce from California sent them a Christmas/birthday present. He was very generous( a little too generous) and it made Madi and Mikayla's day.

December 26th

The day after Christmas was a lot like Christmas Day. As I looked around everyone was busy playing with their new toys from the moment they woke up. Another relaxing, do nothing day.

This is actually all of us in the den at 11:00 at night still playing. It was late but fun all being together playing.

This is what I found when I went in the girls room first thing in the morning. They are not asleep, they are both in the same bed texting friends together. I told them since they weren't ready for the day yet, they could hide their faces but I needed a picture. Texting was another gift from Santa and I think their favorite.
Emma got Twister for Christmas. Olivia likes to call this picture "bum in face".
Jeffrey out playing and working with Dad. I took the picture because all he is wearing is a t-shirt. He never gets cold.
This wasn't the day after Christmas. It was Sunday but it is a picture of our first egg. Olivia and Emma do such a great job taking care of the chickens.