Thursday, January 8, 2009

Christmas Eve

It was a quiet Christmas Eve. When I was growing up my parents would have a Christmas party on Christmas Eve with family and friends. As we got older the party was switched to Christmas day. Because we wouldn't be at Mom's house this Christmas, I wanted to have a Christmas party Christmas Eve for my kids. Unfortunately everyone around us has family here that live nearby that they get together with on Christmas Eve so I didn't know who to invite. Maybe next year as we get to know people better we will be able to put that together. Instead we played our usual games and ate lots of yummy food that we bought with the annual gift card from Grandma Woods. We finished off the night watching the Luke 2 video while listening to Breath of Heaven and discussed the Savior and his love for each of us.

All playing Don't Eat Rudolph. When your turn was done you could open your one gift on Christmas Eve. It used to be pajamas from mom and dad. The last few years the kids draw a siblings name from a hat and they buy a gift for that person. That has become the gift they now want to open Christmas Eve.

At the end of the game with our gifts we each opened. Mikayla gave Madi a bra so they wouldn't be fighting over the same one all the time that they both like to wear.

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