Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Sunday

We had a perfect Sunday before Christmas this year. Would have been better if Jeff could have spent the day with us but he was at meetings in the morning and then got a call to come in for a trauma case. A man was out hunting and fell from a tree and some of his equipment fell on top of him. Unfortunately for him he is now paralyzed from the neck down. Count your blessings this holiday.
Anyway, The kids and I began their annual gingerbread house that we make then had to stop to head over to Nathan and Tanya's. They have a man in their ward that has a live nativity set up at the end of their street. We were the characters in the nativity for about a half hour or so. It was a neat experience. I guess since we couldn't be a part of a nativity at Mom and Dad's this year, this was a good substitute. Afterwords, Jeff met up with us and we went to Nathan and Tanya's for hot chocolate and cookies. When we got home, we finished the gingerbread house and went to bed as the kids were all tired.
Everyone in position at the nativity.

Gotta love the beards - I know they did.
Back at the Dorius's with their new dog, an early Christmas present from Santa.
Jeffrey looks like he's licking his lips ready to dig in while the rest didn't even want to smile(except Taylor) because they were so tired.
B- E- A- U-tiful!
Note Taylor's added touch of icicles - she's our little artist.

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