Monday, February 22, 2010

Valentine's Day 2010

We had special guests join us for Valentine's Day. Our good friends, the Peterson's, from Rocklin came up to Utah for the week. It was so fun to visit with them and have them stay with us for a few days.

Jen, Tyler, Alan and Emily
On Monday morning Tyler woke up screaming because his neck hurt. Short story, they took him to the ER found out he had torticollis which is a severe pain in the neck that usually only happens once in your life. He was on some strong pain killers. It slowed down their snowboarding a little but by the end of the week he was feeling much better. We called him tortellini boy the rest of the week.

For dessert on Valentine's we made a giant heart shaped chocolate chip cookie with ice cream, chocolate syrup and whipped cream on top of it (pizookie).



Dessert was pretty rich but yummy.

Daddy Daughter Dance

It was my turn to plan the date for Jeff and I this month. I saw that the city was having a Valentine's Daddy Daughter Dance. A city planned activity here in Kaysville is really nothing more than a multi-stake activity. I thought I would let him go out with his little girls this month instead of me and bought tickets for them to go to the dance. we kept it a surprise for the girls. They knew they had to come home from their friends house early that night because something special was planned but they didn't know what. When they got home everyone else but Jeff was gone( it just happened to work out that way) and Jeff had a nice dinner on the table for the three of them. Next they had to get dresses up. The girls saw the signs around town so Emma kept asking if they were going to the daddy daughter dance but Jeff wouldn't tell her. They got to the dance and had so much fun. When they came home the girls couldn't stop talking about it. There was food, face painting, picture taking and lots of dancing. Olivia loved all the dancing and the Elvis impersonations and all the other fun activities they did while dancing. They will definitely go again next year.  

Jeff and the girls made the local paper.

Here they are coming home from the dance. They stopped to get a treat on the way home.

Emma and Olivia had their faces painted to match the color of their dresses.

I bought the girls fancy nails the day before. They thought the nails were just because it was Valentine's Day - they didn't know they were for a special date with daddy.

Class Valentine's Day Party

 We started our Valentine's Day Friday attending the fifth grade play. Olivia did a great job and looked so cute. Then it was time to hurry home and get things together for her class party that I was in charge of along with Shawnee, Tera and a couple other mom's. I love being there for my kids' parties. 



Tera had the great idea of having chocolate fondue and the kids loved it.

Shawnee made homemade pound cake and it was so good.
 Shawnee and Ryan helped the kids play "Don't Eat Cupid".

Junie, Kaitlyn and Bronson

 Mrs. Anderson and Tera

Kwincy with her new glasses and a plate on her head.

I ran across the hall to check in on Emma at her party.

Looks like she was having fun.

River - the funniest kid you will ever meet.

Me and my good friend Tera.

Me with my Bune-Juggy. I love my job as a mom, it is so fun.

First Car Accident

Madi and Mikayla went home for lunch on Friday. On their way back to school they were hit from behind by another car with a bunch of high school boys in it coming back from lunch also. Jeff and I were out having lunch together when I got a call from Madi. The first thing she says was "ok..." and from the tone of her voice I knew exactly what happened. I am very thankful they weren't hurt but there was some serious damage done to their car. By the time Jeff and I got to the accident, some other boys had come to pick up the boys involved and it looked like a party going on. Four of the boys were crammed in the back of M&M's car(along with their friend Hollie) and one of their mothers(a friend of ours) came back around with hot chocolate for all of them. Only in Utah. The poor girls no longer have a car to drive. Or is it poor me because I no longer have extra drivers?

February 19, 2010

Friday, February 19, 2010

Sick Little Emma

Emma was sick last week. I had to go around to the bathrooms and clean out all the garbage cans full of her tissue. She kept telling me to look at the garbage cans... now I know why. Had to post - thought this was too funny.

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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Lunch With the Girls

I went to lunch with Shawnee and Kelli yesterday. There is a cute home decor store in Fruit Heights with a little sandwich shop next to it that we have been wanting to check out. The sandwich shop was yummy and the decor store was... expensive, but a good place to get some good ideas from. It was a fun day that definitely needs to happen more often.

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