Monday, February 22, 2010

Class Valentine's Day Party

 We started our Valentine's Day Friday attending the fifth grade play. Olivia did a great job and looked so cute. Then it was time to hurry home and get things together for her class party that I was in charge of along with Shawnee, Tera and a couple other mom's. I love being there for my kids' parties. 



Tera had the great idea of having chocolate fondue and the kids loved it.

Shawnee made homemade pound cake and it was so good.
 Shawnee and Ryan helped the kids play "Don't Eat Cupid".

Junie, Kaitlyn and Bronson

 Mrs. Anderson and Tera

Kwincy with her new glasses and a plate on her head.

I ran across the hall to check in on Emma at her party.

Looks like she was having fun.

River - the funniest kid you will ever meet.

Me and my good friend Tera.

Me with my Bune-Juggy. I love my job as a mom, it is so fun.

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Fairy Godmother said...

Being a mom is definitely the highlight of my life, also. On that we agree! You are a great mom.