Monday, November 8, 2010

Strawberry Jam

Shawnee and I have been making strawberry jam together for quite a few years now. Shawnee, Christie Sheppard and I used to make it together in California. Now that Shawnee has moved to Kaysville with me, and I figured out where to get strawberries in Utah, we are back to making strawberry jam together again.

 Tawny was helping us too

Finished product. Yum!

5th of July with Sharp's

The Sharp's town had their fireworks show the Monday after Independence Day. We spent the day with them playing on their friends redneck water slide, riding the flume and then joined them for fireworks that night. 

The girls were a little hesitant at first

Jeffrey loved the slide

Jeffrey takes such good care of his sisters.

 At the fireworks show

4th of July 2010

This year the 4th was on a Sunday. Because we live in Utah, all the festivities were on Saturday. Our Independence Day ended up being 3 days long. Richard, who was with us a lot this summer, was here this weekend so we had the young single adults over for a movie and to light off some of Richard's homemade fireworks.

 Richard making his own fireworks

 Fun group of young single adults

Independence Day 2010

We love our traditions. One tradition we have is attending our towns 4th of July parade and fireworks show. Because we live in a small town, it's like a big get together with all your friends.  
I go the day before the parade and reserve our favorite spot on the high school lawn for the parade. Our 4th of July day generally consists of attending the parade in the morning, finding something fun to do after like a bbq and swimming at the Dorius's then back to the school in the evening for the fireworks show. It's always a fun day. 

  Our friends Clarin Sr. and Clarin Jr. playing the bagpipes.

Another friend Devon Hansen and daughter Emily 

Emma and Olivia with friend Madison

Ragnar is a relay that I HOPE to do this coming year.

The girls stole Dakota

 Cute little Riley
 Swimming at the Dorius's

The girls took Dakota with us to the Dorius's also.

 Fireworks in kaysville

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Madi EFY 2010

When the kids are young and have a memorable experience, I am generally a part of it and share the experience also. Now that they are older, they are making memories of their own... without me!?! I so very much want to be there for everything in their lives but at the same time love watching them grow and become their own person. At least Madi is good at taking pictures so I can share in some way. Madi loves EFY and made some great friends while she was there this year. She went by herself because Mikayla didn't want to go. When I dropped her off, I think she was a little nervous but we both knew that wouldn't last long and she would soon feel right at home, which is exactly what happened. One good thing about living in Utah is that many of the other kids at EFY do too. Madi was able to get together with many of them a few more times after EFY. I may not always be able to be there but as long as they're happy... I'm happy.