Monday, November 8, 2010

Strawberry Jam

Shawnee and I have been making strawberry jam together for quite a few years now. Shawnee, Christie Sheppard and I used to make it together in California. Now that Shawnee has moved to Kaysville with me, and I figured out where to get strawberries in Utah, we are back to making strawberry jam together again.

 Tawny was helping us too

Finished product. Yum!


rad6 said...

I see you are doing some big time updating on the blog! Nice job. You might want to change dates on your posts so that they are in order on your blog... if you dont know how call me! :)
I didnt make jam this year. I will be making it mid year with frozen berries!!!!!!

Fairy Godmother said...

OK -- I don't know when you did all these posts...was going to comment on each one but then I realized you posted like 12 things! I read them all but saving my post for the top. There are some really cute photos of you and Jeff. Way to go...those are always hard to get! Seems like you guys are so happy there in Utah...I'm happy for you. And sounds like you are busy as ever!!! Hope you are enjoying your holiday month. So in love with December...I wish it were longer!

Merry Christmas!