Sunday, November 7, 2010

Madi EFY 2010

When the kids are young and have a memorable experience, I am generally a part of it and share the experience also. Now that they are older, they are making memories of their own... without me!?! I so very much want to be there for everything in their lives but at the same time love watching them grow and become their own person. At least Madi is good at taking pictures so I can share in some way. Madi loves EFY and made some great friends while she was there this year. She went by herself because Mikayla didn't want to go. When I dropped her off, I think she was a little nervous but we both knew that wouldn't last long and she would soon feel right at home, which is exactly what happened. One good thing about living in Utah is that many of the other kids at EFY do too. Madi was able to get together with many of them a few more times after EFY. I may not always be able to be there but as long as they're happy... I'm happy.

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