Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Sunday

We had a perfect Sunday before Christmas this year. Would have been better if Jeff could have spent the day with us but he was at meetings in the morning and then got a call to come in for a trauma case. A man was out hunting and fell from a tree and some of his equipment fell on top of him. Unfortunately for him he is now paralyzed from the neck down. Count your blessings this holiday.
Anyway, The kids and I began their annual gingerbread house that we make then had to stop to head over to Nathan and Tanya's. They have a man in their ward that has a live nativity set up at the end of their street. We were the characters in the nativity for about a half hour or so. It was a neat experience. I guess since we couldn't be a part of a nativity at Mom and Dad's this year, this was a good substitute. Afterwords, Jeff met up with us and we went to Nathan and Tanya's for hot chocolate and cookies. When we got home, we finished the gingerbread house and went to bed as the kids were all tired.
Everyone in position at the nativity.

Gotta love the beards - I know they did.
Back at the Dorius's with their new dog, an early Christmas present from Santa.
Jeffrey looks like he's licking his lips ready to dig in while the rest didn't even want to smile(except Taylor) because they were so tired.
B- E- A- U-tiful!
Note Taylor's added touch of icicles - she's our little artist.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Snowy December

It has snowed quite a bit the month of December. It looks beautiful outside but I can't understand why I am the only one concerned about driving around in it. I think everything should shut down when it is snowing outside because the roads are so slippery. There were 290 accidents reported in Utah and Salt Lake county the day of the first storm and another 150 the day of the second storm. Should this be a cause for concern? Apparently I am the only one who thinks so. Nevertheless, the kids are loving playing in the snow. they are out there all the time.
back of the house with snow everywhere

kids playing on the hills in the backyard of the empty house next to us
front of the house full of snow. The city of Kaysville had cut backs and our road is one that will not be plowed anymore
Jeff even enjoys plowing the driveway

M&M's Sweet Sixteen excellent adventure

We didn't know Madi and Mikayla's 16th birthday was going to turn out to be such a fun adventure for them. On the day of their birthday we had a few friends over for dinner and cake in the 1 hour between basketball and mutual. Then the plan was to drive out to California as a family and let them go to the Rocklin dance where they would be able to see many friends all in one place. Weather conditions were not looking good on either end and we had to tell them they weren't going to be able to go back to California for their birthday at the last minute. Jeffrey suggested the train and to make a long story short, we put them on the train the next night. I only have pictures of Madi in California because no matter how many times I told Mikayla to be sure and get pictures, it didn't happen. Her loss. Madi stayed at a couple different friends homes in Rocklin and Mikayla stayed at the Davis's in Antelope. I wanted to make their 16th special and with moving away from all their friends and then with bad weather conditions, I was really worried it wasn't going to happen. It did happen though and they had an adventure they will never forget. Thanks to mother for her willingness to pick them up and drive them around.
Train station in Tahoe

Trevor at the party Alissa held for Madi.
Tanner, Madi and Alissa at the party.
Riley and Madi
Cami and Madi at the dance
Carly and Madi - Cami in background
Madi with best buddy Bryce - these two are on the phone together all the time
View from train - I'm guessing in Nevada somewhere.
train station at 4 in the morning
View from train through Tahoe
Mikayla's half of their little room on the train- but at least they had a room with beds.

Precious picture from their 5th birthday.

Party at home on the day of their birthday
Madi and Ashley
Madi(another one) and Mikayla
Madi, Shane, Madi, Mikayla, Claron and Ashley
I brought brownies to basketball practice since they had it on their birthday. A bunch of tall basketball girls and a cute little dancer.

Christmas Trees

I received the cutest call one night while Jeff and I were out Christmas shopping. Olivia called to tell me that I better hurry home because they were done decorating their tree and I needed to come see it. The kids have their own tree that they like to decorate and put all their fun ornaments on. She and Emma were so proud of how good their tree looked. I'm so glad they have their very own tree...

And I have mine!

Olivia's First Ski Trip

Olivia's class at school had a ski trip to Snow Basin in the Ogden canyons. Jeff has always been the one to go with the kids on these school ski trips so this was my first time skiing with any of my kids. This was Olivia's first time skiing. I wasn't sure how she would do but she loved it and her instructor was very impressed at how well she was doing. She couldn't believe it was her first time. I was there as a parent helper but when we got there we were told that if we wanted to ski also we could. I haven't been since high school and it looked like fun so I got some skis and a lift ticket and went up also. It was really fun and the weather was perfect. It was especially fun being there with just Junie and skiing with her although she was having so much fun and was so confident that she kept taking off and leaving me in her dust(snow dust that is). She enjoyed it so much that she and her friend are going to continue to take lessons together.

One of my favorite parts of skiing - hot chocolate in the lodge!
Olivia and her friend Abby
After putting this on the blog, I noticed the child in the background having some trouble. funny.
heading up the slopes

More than once Olivia dropped to the ground just for the fun of it. She made some great snow angels - when her skis were off.
Cute little skier

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thanksgiving Weekend

What a fun-filled Thanksgiving weekend we had! We had Thanksgiving dinner with the Dorius's, Nathan's grandma, and Tanya's mom. The Sharp's were supposed to be there as well but they had kids with the stomach flu so they chose to stay home. All the food was delicious and we enjoyed each others company.
Friday, we met up with the Dorius's again for a movie at The Gateway in Salt Lake. Tanya and I took the little ones to see Bolt which was very cute and Jeff and Nathan took the older ones to see Twilight. there were mixed feelings on that show. Nathan surprised Dallin and Jeffrey with some great seats to the Jazz vs. Kings game right after the movie. They had a blast there by themselves. The rest of us raced home after the show because we had special guests coming to spend the rest of the weekend with us.
Mena and Mom decided to take a quick trip back to see us. They brought Aiden, Stone and Claire along with them. All the kids had a good time being together again. Mom took those of us who were awake early enough Saturday morning to a yummy place for breakfast where we had huge scones and huge cinnamon rolls. The scones were longer than the plates and Emma's cinnamon roll was the size of her entire plate. Later, Mom and Mena and I had fun hitting up the good sales in the mall. In the evening we went to The Garden Room in the Joseph Smith Building for dinner and after that went to see the Salt Lake Symphonic Choir in the Tabernacle on Temple Square. We all had a good time together and hopefully the next time they come it will be for a longer visit.

Jeff and Nathan cooking up something good
Katelyn and Olivia made a dentist office for their Barbie's
Jeffrey, Taylor and Dallin enjoying Thanksgiving dinner

I just thought this was a cute picture. How lucky they are to always have each other.

The family at The Gateway
Katelyn and Olivia at the movies
Mahri, Emma and Nicolene
Of course my favorite place to take a picture. I love that I can visit the Salt Lake Temple where we were married more often now.
We were just taking pictures because the lights on Temple square were so beautiful
more pictures on Temple Square
Dallin, Stone, Aiden and Jeffrey
Claire, Emma and Olivia playing with the blow up bed