Thursday, December 25, 2008

Olivia's First Ski Trip

Olivia's class at school had a ski trip to Snow Basin in the Ogden canyons. Jeff has always been the one to go with the kids on these school ski trips so this was my first time skiing with any of my kids. This was Olivia's first time skiing. I wasn't sure how she would do but she loved it and her instructor was very impressed at how well she was doing. She couldn't believe it was her first time. I was there as a parent helper but when we got there we were told that if we wanted to ski also we could. I haven't been since high school and it looked like fun so I got some skis and a lift ticket and went up also. It was really fun and the weather was perfect. It was especially fun being there with just Junie and skiing with her although she was having so much fun and was so confident that she kept taking off and leaving me in her dust(snow dust that is). She enjoyed it so much that she and her friend are going to continue to take lessons together.

One of my favorite parts of skiing - hot chocolate in the lodge!
Olivia and her friend Abby
After putting this on the blog, I noticed the child in the background having some trouble. funny.
heading up the slopes

More than once Olivia dropped to the ground just for the fun of it. She made some great snow angels - when her skis were off.
Cute little skier

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