Wednesday, September 30, 2009

It's Back

The first snow of the season has fallen. I think it's kind of fun(I have already had two cups of hot chocolate today). It was just a sprinkling on the mountains so nothing to worry about driving in yet. I am looking forward to spending the long(UEA weekend - which means the kids get Thursday and Friday off) conference weekend with my family doing some decorating in bedrooms, making and eating yummy food, and listening to the words of the prophet together.
By the way Monday was 90 degrees and yesterday was 88 ... today is a high in the thirties... and the snow came down to ground level during the football game later in the evening.

Monday, September 21, 2009

My Schmeffer's is 15

Happy 15th birthday to Jeffrey. In our family I think Jeffrey is everyone's favorite sibling. He is so kind and loving to all his sister's. Madi bought a card for Jeffrey this year with the nicest message inside. My kids have never really fought with each other but I have noticed from Taylor up that now that they are all teenager's something has changed and brought them even closer together. They aren't just siblings but good friends too. It is fun.
Anyway, back to the Schmeffer's. For his birthday this year he chose to get the flight simulator instead of having a party. Jeff and I took him and two of his friends out for sushi and to get his flight simulator then back to our house to play it and have vanilla malts. Grandpa Wright has a model airplane for him and this game will help him learn how to fly his plane. He loves airplanes and we love him! Here's hoping you have a great 15th year Jeffrey.

This is the simulator set up at the hobby store that they were playing while Jeff and I were purchasing his.

Benihana's endless sushi. Kenny, in the blue shirt, didn't order sushi because he had never tried it before. After tasting Jeffrey's and Spencer's he discovered he really likes it and polished off all their leftover's which was quite a bit.
They had flags out on this part of the street(like they have at school crosswalks) and Jeff told Jeffrey to grab one and hold it high and wave it as we crossed the street. Jeffrey didn't know what the deal was with the flags so he did what Jeff told him to do. It was pretty funny. We were laughing at him as he crossed the street so cautious with his flag. Spencer grabbed one on the way back to be silly. We were very safe.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Day on the Lake

Jeffrey's friend Kenny invited him and Madi and Mikayla to go out on their boat for the day. Madi brought the camera along and took fun pictures of them out on the water for her photography class. Unfortunatley there are no pictures of her though.

Jeffrey and Kenny

Mikalya ready to go
That is mikayla flying through the air while Jeffrey and Kenny look on.

EGGciting Day

In May, we gave away our big chickens because they were eating their eggs and got baby chicks to replace them. Yesterday we got our first egg! We were so excited! It is a beautiful, perfect egg - just a little small but that's how they start out.
This happened on the same day Jeff came home with a few more chicks given to him by someone at the hospital.

Here are the newest chicks. One parent was a sex-link(1/2 leg-horn, half Rhode Island Red) and the other parent was an Americauna. It will be interesting to see what they look like when they are older.

First egg. Now to figure out who laid it.

Whoops! We have a rooster. Don't know how long we"ll keep him but he's beautiful.
Jeff and I were out by the chickens when they all ran for cover. We looked up and some big birds were flying over. This chicken was listening/looking very intently at the birds overhead and ready to run if need be.
What the?
I don't know how this picture of Richard's companion got on here!
Jeff's lady friends (and now a rooster too)
Look at that perfect egg! You can't tell in the picture that it is a smaller version of a normal egg.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

End of Summer Pool Party

My friend Tara and I had an end of summer pool party for our kids. We invited the kids from their new school classes. It was good because they were able to get to know some of the kids in their new classes better. The kids all had a good time.These are some of the boys(whom I don't know) gathered around the food table. My good friend Kelly is in the black swim suit next to them and Annie is in the background in black. Kelly is Emma's other mother. More pictures of her will come soon because she gets her braces off next week and will start allowing pictures to be taken again.
I met Annie when Jeff and I came to look at houses. I would call her for info about the ward before we moved out here. She was a great help.

Shawnee and Tawny. Good friends from California that moved to Utah in June and now live down our street. we love their family.
Emma and friends. Good friend Kennady is in the pink next to her. Tara ( another good friend of mine and Kennady's mom) is in the background.
Silly Emma.
Cute little Aubry. Her mother is my good friend Cindy. Those are her feet with the pink shoes on in the back of the picture. Someday she will let me get a picture of her again.
I told Aubry to smile for the camera and she went right up to the camera and gave me this big smile.
Cute Kwincy, Tara's little girl.
Emma with her good friend Madison. She is Kelly's daughter and Emma spends a lot of time at their house.
Madison(new friend from school), Emma and Madison
Olivia and friends. I didn't get many pictures of Olivia for some reason. I guess she was busy playing and I was busy talking. Typical.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Crissy Boy

We had a fun visit Sunday with my cousin, Christian Nicoli Dorius, (named after our great-great grandfather but I just call him Crissy Boy), his girlfriend and her kids. We had dinner together and played games for hours -ok we played ONE game for hours-but it's a fun game. It was fun catching up with Crissy and meeting his girlfriend Heather and her kids - they are neat people.

Katie, Elizabeth, Crissy ,Heather and William

These three played the whole time. I didn't notice Crissy in the back of the picture until I was editing the red eye. You can't see it unless you click and enlarge the picture but I kept Crissy's eyes red since he looked so scary in the background anyway.

I thought this was a cute picture.
Playing our version of Scrabble

Visit With the Cooks

We had a fun visit with Tracy and Lori Cook who came up for their sons wedding reception this weekend. We went to the reception Friday night at Marlin K. Jensen's home(father of the bride and member of the seventy). It was fun to pass by Elder Oaks who was just leaving the reception as we arrived. Tracy told us that after the sealing in the Salt Lake Temple, Elder Jensen had arranged for them to visit with the first presidency and that it was a really neat experience.
We also joined them Saturday for a bbq at the cabin Lori's grandfather built. They are such good people and we enjoyed visiting with them.

Before the reception we went to a bbq at the park with our ward. They had a cake walk at the party that I made this cake for. I was hoping one of my children would win the cake walk so they could get our cake back. All my children were in the first round and Jeffrey actually won so we got our cake back and it was yummy.

Lori, Tracy, Jeff and me at the cabin in Park City. Jeff worked with Tracy at Care-rehab and served with him at church. Jeff would tell me all the time,and still does, how good Tracy was to work with in both capacities. He said Tracy is just really good at everything he does and really puts his heart into it.
These are just pictures I took of my kids by the creek that I thought were cute.