Wednesday, September 30, 2009

It's Back

The first snow of the season has fallen. I think it's kind of fun(I have already had two cups of hot chocolate today). It was just a sprinkling on the mountains so nothing to worry about driving in yet. I am looking forward to spending the long(UEA weekend - which means the kids get Thursday and Friday off) conference weekend with my family doing some decorating in bedrooms, making and eating yummy food, and listening to the words of the prophet together.
By the way Monday was 90 degrees and yesterday was 88 ... today is a high in the thirties... and the snow came down to ground level during the football game later in the evening.


Angie said...

It's beautiful! I miss the mountains. Sip some cocoa for me-k?
Where do you live?

M and B Jones said...

We're not far behind. It's supposed to freeze tonight in Michigan. We turned on our heat yesterday. Have fun with your family for the next four days!

Cherie said...

We are having the same weather and LOVING it!!
It was 90 on Monday, 60 on Tuesday and today I was at a Xcountry meet and it was 44 degrees! Wahooo!!

I love this 4 day weekend for Conference - I know that is not why the kids have the extra 2 days off but it works for me - wink wink!

Here's to snuggling, hot cocoa and fires in the fireplace!