Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Crissy Boy

We had a fun visit Sunday with my cousin, Christian Nicoli Dorius, (named after our great-great grandfather but I just call him Crissy Boy), his girlfriend and her kids. We had dinner together and played games for hours -ok we played ONE game for hours-but it's a fun game. It was fun catching up with Crissy and meeting his girlfriend Heather and her kids - they are neat people.

Katie, Elizabeth, Crissy ,Heather and William

These three played the whole time. I didn't notice Crissy in the back of the picture until I was editing the red eye. You can't see it unless you click and enlarge the picture but I kept Crissy's eyes red since he looked so scary in the background anyway.

I thought this was a cute picture.
Playing our version of Scrabble


dawn said...

christian told me they had a really good time at your home. It's great for cousins to get together and do some catching up. Heather is quite a wonderful gal! William, Katie and Miss Elizabeth are great kids. Of course I am very partial.
Aunt Dawn

rad6 said...

just had fun browsing all your posts. Been absent for a while.
Fun that you got to see the Cooks too. They live in our ward and I feel like we hardly see them.