Sunday, January 31, 2010

Field Trip

At the last minute I was able to go on the field trip with Olivia. She knows that she can count on me to be with her on all field trips. This time, too many parents signed up to go and so they chose those whose paper work was turned in first. Someone canceled the morning of so I got the call. Olivia was so excited and kept pointing out how I haven't missed one of her field trips yet. Emma's class was also on the field trip and while I couldn't be there with her the whole time also, it was fun seeing her when we could.

First part of the field trip was a ride on Frontrunner into Salt Lake.

Next, we hopped on Trax to the Gallivan Center.

Watching the show "Circles".

We found Emma at the show sitting with her class.

  Walking around downtown Salt Lake.

  Best buddies

Two of my closest friends in Utah, Kelli and Tara, were also on the field trip.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Crafty Me

Look how crafty I was this week.
The blocks are from an enrichment activity last year that I couldn't make. I figured I better make the blocks now so I can use the Valentine's blocks this year.
The temple picture was a class I went to last Saturday. We put the whole picture together - painting, gluing, stapling. It was fun and a really good price for this picture.

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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Sunday Dinner

It is always fun to have family or friends over for Sunday dinner. This week we had the Dorius's join us. It was a holiday weekend so the kids didn't have school the next day. We had fun eating, playing games and visiting.

A friend of Madi's brought over some delicious bread that he had just made.

Saturday, January 16, 2010





Madi made some of the cupcakes from the book mom/grandma gave us for Christmas. They are so cute.
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Traveling Goodies

When Jeff goes away on a business trip the kids can't wait to see what he is going to bring home for them. On this trip he went to Boston but had a lay-over in Phoenix. He found some very interesting treats in Phoenix.

Madi and Taylor enjoying the sucker with a SCORPION inside it.
Here is some cactus candy. It was actually really good.

This is the cactus candy.

Some of the kids ate a claw but Jeff ate the rest of the scorpion. Gross. I'm sure dad/grandpa is getting really grossed out looking at this (he has a weak stomach). 


Emma wanted to try cutting onions because she heard it makes you cry. Her eyes were burning but she had fun cutting her first onion.

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010


When I tell my kids to come home for lunch I know that I need to cook for six not three. I enjoy their friends coming too so it is fun to make food for all of them. Fun memories for my kids.

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Dinner Date

We got together again with friends from Antelope and had a great time. We had dinner at the Red Iguana( not to be confused with the Blue Iguana which is closed for renovations)and it was delicious - highly recommend it. We seem to laugh a lot when we are together and I think Kevin and Todd have a lot to do with that.
two card!

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Thursday, January 7, 2010

New Year's Day 2010

Finally, my final post from the holidays. I have had some problems with my computer. FYI, if any are wondering why I haven't commented on your blogs, it is because my computer won't let me do that either right now.
New Year's day was spent up at the Sharp's house. It was a snowy day up there and we all had a good time relaxing, sipping hot cider, playing games, shooting guns and playing in the snow.

It seems to be a new thing I do that every time we get in the car to go somewhere as a family, I put the camera up high and take a picture of the kids in the back seats. Madi is always in the pictures and always making that face. Jeffrey is never in the picture.

I hear Jillian is hysterical to play memory with. She cheats by biting on the cards and wins everytime.

Cute, but will be in our freezer soon

Working on the Peanut's theme

funnel cake with syrup and whipped cream

 It will be fun to see these two girls in pictures together through the years like Taylor and Dalis

Fun day with a fun family.

Christmas Day 2009

 The Sharp's joined us for Christmas this year. I was feeling pretty homesick and we were getting kind of lonely doing everything all by ourselves this year. We are very social and are used to lots of friends and family around that we usually have plenty of people to join us in our activities. Being out in Utah and with this new ward we are in, we are lacking in friends and family. What a blessing the Sharp's are to us. Jeff and Matt are very close - like brothers - so we consider them family. We love spending time with them and are so glad they could be with us for a couple days this Christmas.

Getting ready to bless the food

Dinner time. We had a delicious prime rib with yummy sweet potato casserole, Tony's homemade mac and cheese, green beans, Martinelli's and lots of dessert.

Cute kids ready to eat.

You would think that is a lemon in his hand not a rice krispy treat.

Madi... always such a happy face in her pictures

Don't know who took it, but I love this picture of Jillian

Show time. Because we had enough kids this year and my kids miss our tradition of a little show at Grandma's each year, I  decided we would have one, well something like it anyway. Emma wanted to read us the "I Believe" book.

Have you ever seen a cuter star?

Ever seen a cuter sheep?

Our nativity cast this year. Thank you Mikayla and Madison for putting it together for us. They have seen Candice put together a nativity program so they knew they could too... that doesn't sound good.

To close the program, Olivia opened our last "12 days of Christmas book" and read it to us all.

I have pictures of these two together since they were little babies.

Jillian is everyone's friend

Breakfast the next morning. Eggs from our chickens and bacon from Matt's pig.

Jeffrey and Teagan playing video games all morning

Emma and Ella found some icicles under the trampoline

Boy toys. It kind of looks like Matt is about to take out Jeff.