Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas Morning 2009

There is no morning more looked forward to than Christmas morning no matter what age you are.

What the kids saw Christmas morning as they were coming down the stairs.

First peek

Taylor found her present from Santa

Madi and Mikayla opened their present from Kenny. He was so cute, he didn't know what to get them. I think he found the right gift because the girls really liked it.

If you look at the very fine print it says, "Transportation not included". Kenny doesn't have his license yet.

Gift from mom and dad

When Emma opened this present Jeff wrapped this is what we found written on the box.

Who wouldn't want a doll that poops and pees? 

 Her first I-pod

Jeffrey and his presents

Taylor's cute bunny, Flopsy

Twinzies. Everyone says she is the spitting image of me(I don't see it, she is much prettier). More people say we look alike, and maybe we do, than she and Madi look alike.

Madi and her new glasses - non prescription, just for fun

My present from Jeff. Starbucks hot chocolate


Jeffrey said...

WOW! I wish I could afford a poop and peeing doll!

Fairy Godmother said...

I just got through reading all your latests I'll just comment on this one. Looks like you had a wonderful holiday full of old and new traditions. It also appears you live in a wonderful home and have made many new friends. Your kids seems happy, involved, and as close as always. What more can you want from life!?! So many special memories from this Christmas season. Sometimes I'm sad to see it go, and then I'm ready for the next thing the seasons bring. Right now, I'm freezing, so I'm ready for spring. Is it too early to be wishing for that? Anyway, Happy New Year to you and your cute family!

Cherie said...

I have been NOT in the blogging world over Christmas so I am just catching up on all of your posts.
You have such a cute family and it looks like you had a fabulous Christmas and enjoyed all the things Utah and Temple Square has to offer!

Happy New Year!