Sunday, January 31, 2010

Field Trip

At the last minute I was able to go on the field trip with Olivia. She knows that she can count on me to be with her on all field trips. This time, too many parents signed up to go and so they chose those whose paper work was turned in first. Someone canceled the morning of so I got the call. Olivia was so excited and kept pointing out how I haven't missed one of her field trips yet. Emma's class was also on the field trip and while I couldn't be there with her the whole time also, it was fun seeing her when we could.

First part of the field trip was a ride on Frontrunner into Salt Lake.

Next, we hopped on Trax to the Gallivan Center.

Watching the show "Circles".

We found Emma at the show sitting with her class.

  Walking around downtown Salt Lake.

  Best buddies

Two of my closest friends in Utah, Kelli and Tara, were also on the field trip.


Jeffrey said...

You're such a good mom.


rad6 said...

What a fun time.. and what a good mom you are... seems like these days the field trips are a bit more grueling... I wish they changed them every year around here.
Of course that would just be for the parents. haha.

Richard Hoopes II said...
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Richard Hoopes II said...

What's a "Frontrunner"? Do they have a commuter train that runs up and down the valley or something?

And it's nice to see they have step parenting classes on that train, just in case someone needs to learn...