Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Temple Square 2009

For so many years I wanted to see Temple Square at Christmas time. Now, I have that opportunity every year and wouldn't miss it. It is beautiful. Can there be a better place to be at Christmas time? As we were entering Temple Square, the nativity story was playing over head with beautiful music and thoughts from President Monson at the end. It was a neat way to listen to the story.

Behind the kids are the shepherd's. The light is on the Shepherd's as they were being mentioned in the story. I loved at least a part of the nativity behind the kids with the Christus above them in the background.

It means so much more to come to the Salt Lake Temple with my family since this is the temple Jeff and I were sealed in.
Look how we have been blessed since we were sealed here almost 18 years ago.

Sitting in front of where our story began.

Madi having fun with the camera

Love this cute picture of the girls with the lights behind them.




rad6 said...

oh... how I miss Temple Square at Christmas. That was one of the most amazing experiences... being there every day during the Christmas festivities and the lights and the spirit. Really not a lot can compare to it. Glad you could enjoy it. SOMEDAY... maybe we will get to take our family there.
That would be awesome.

Fairy Godmother said...

I have been there many times at Christmastime. The lights are always so amazing...but I must confess...it's TOO COLD! Still, worth the trip. But I got chills lookin' at y'all out there freezing. Beautiful sight.

Richard Hoopes II said...

That last photo is absolutly stunning! Who took it? They framed it perfectly and the lighting is perfect.