Thursday, January 7, 2010

Christmas Day 2009

 The Sharp's joined us for Christmas this year. I was feeling pretty homesick and we were getting kind of lonely doing everything all by ourselves this year. We are very social and are used to lots of friends and family around that we usually have plenty of people to join us in our activities. Being out in Utah and with this new ward we are in, we are lacking in friends and family. What a blessing the Sharp's are to us. Jeff and Matt are very close - like brothers - so we consider them family. We love spending time with them and are so glad they could be with us for a couple days this Christmas.

Getting ready to bless the food

Dinner time. We had a delicious prime rib with yummy sweet potato casserole, Tony's homemade mac and cheese, green beans, Martinelli's and lots of dessert.

Cute kids ready to eat.

You would think that is a lemon in his hand not a rice krispy treat.

Madi... always such a happy face in her pictures

Don't know who took it, but I love this picture of Jillian

Show time. Because we had enough kids this year and my kids miss our tradition of a little show at Grandma's each year, I  decided we would have one, well something like it anyway. Emma wanted to read us the "I Believe" book.

Have you ever seen a cuter star?

Ever seen a cuter sheep?

Our nativity cast this year. Thank you Mikayla and Madison for putting it together for us. They have seen Candice put together a nativity program so they knew they could too... that doesn't sound good.

To close the program, Olivia opened our last "12 days of Christmas book" and read it to us all.

I have pictures of these two together since they were little babies.

Jillian is everyone's friend

Breakfast the next morning. Eggs from our chickens and bacon from Matt's pig.

Jeffrey and Teagan playing video games all morning

Emma and Ella found some icicles under the trampoline

Boy toys. It kind of looks like Matt is about to take out Jeff.


Sharp Family said...

We had so much fun with you guys! Great pics!

Jeffrey said...

Is that gun pointed directly at my head?

Jeffrey said...

"Oh, I forgot to give you a hug!" Elf
Actually i forget to mention how delicious raising your own food can be!