Sunday, July 25, 2010

Preparing for the Big Night

Prom is coming up and the girls are getting ready.

The girls all found their dress at the same place(luckily). This is Hollie in her pretty brown dress -very fitting for a Davis prom although it was harder for her date to find a suit.

Love Madi in blue.

I think this was the first and only dress Mikayla tried on. When she put it on, it looked perfect so there was no need to try anything else.

Trying different hairdo's for prom.

Stake Conference/Adult Session

I love the Saturday evening session of stake conference. There are always great talks and it seems to have a more relaxed feel to it. It has been our tradition for years to go out for dessert after with friends. These are a few of our friends that we like to go out with here in kaysville. They are in our old ward and we miss seeing them each week so we love the opportunities we have to spend time with them.

 Clarin and Cindy Aldridge are on the ends and Devon and Joan Hanson are sitting together.Clarin's grandmother was a former General Relief Society president and now his aunt is in the General primary presidency. Cindy grew up next door to President Hinckley. Good connections.


Jeff got the hottest chicken wings they have. This was taken after he took a bite of one of them. Although actually he said they weren't that hot.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Taylor For Secretary

Taylor ran for Secretary at school for her 9th grade year. She didn't win but her friend Jesse did so she was happy for her. It was fun to watch Taylor and her campaign manager Lovie work so hard campaigning. I am proud of Taylor for even trying and hope she will try again.

Dressed up for the skit they performed for the school. Lovie was lost in the woods and Taylor was the scout that helped her. "Don't get lost in the Woods" vote for Taylor Woods.

One of Taylor's poster's.

Another one of Taylor's posters and Mariah's poster on the right. Mariah had some funny posters.

Women's Conference 2010

I had the opportunity to help with a service project atWomen's conference this year. We made bracelets and memory boxes for parents who lose their babies at birth. It was a great experience.

Me, Emily Smalley's SIL Joy and Emily. Emily had a miscarriage at eight months and was given a bracelet and memory box at the hospital. That's where the idea to make these at Women's conference came from.

Emily, Kathy Garcia and Joy.

Mom's Visit May 2010

Tam Hoopes was coming back to Utah and needed someone to ride with her. Mom came back with her and spent the week with us.

We started the week off going to Chuck-A-Rama for dinner. The kids love all the options of food to eat. I think going here with mom and dad is becoming a tradition when they visit.

We went with Aunt Dawn and Uncle Sheldon to visit their cousins Joyce and Merilee. Love that Joyce.

We had a party at our house with mom's cousin Karen and all her family. It was fun to see everyone.

LtoR: Aunt Dawn, mom, Karen, Stephanie and Audrey

Uncle Sheldon and Bob

Ashley, Olivia and Kaitlyn

Olivia's 11th Birthday

Olivia and her best friend Katelyn spent the evening together for Olivia's 11th birthday. Olivia wanted to go to Tepanyaki for dinner. They both love it there. After dinner we went home to have cake with the family. So much fun to have Olivia in our family. She is so funny and is our best whiner.

Can you see the shrimp Olivia is about to catch? 

Olivia loves chocolate cake.

Of course the Wickizer's had to bring a present for Emma also. Cute socks from the Mismatched store at Disneyland.

These two have so much fun together -it's nice to have a best friend.

Easter/Conference Weekend 2010

Love conference weekend but it is even better when it is also Easter. It is great to be able to listen to so many talks on the Savior and Christlike love while celebrating His sacrifice for each of us. We had a fun weekend together as a family - love my family.

The usual set up for conference weekend.

Olivia and Mikayla preparing the eggs for the Easter egg hunt.
We had an Easter egg hunt in the dark Saturday night. Jeff and I hid eggs in the basement and the kids tried to find them with flashlights. It was fun and we will definitely do it again next year.

Decorating our eggs. They looked a little different this time because we used the brown eggs from our chickens.

Heading downstairs to look for eggs.

Easter morning after baskets were found.

Olivia fell asleep during conference.

A little more awake during conference in this picture.

Ready to eat our Easter Feast. Good thing the picture is dark because none of us were looking too good.

Not as much food on the table when it is just our family but it was all delicious.

After being inside all weekend we went down to the park to play.