Sunday, July 25, 2010

Stake Conference/Adult Session

I love the Saturday evening session of stake conference. There are always great talks and it seems to have a more relaxed feel to it. It has been our tradition for years to go out for dessert after with friends. These are a few of our friends that we like to go out with here in kaysville. They are in our old ward and we miss seeing them each week so we love the opportunities we have to spend time with them.

 Clarin and Cindy Aldridge are on the ends and Devon and Joan Hanson are sitting together.Clarin's grandmother was a former General Relief Society president and now his aunt is in the General primary presidency. Cindy grew up next door to President Hinckley. Good connections.


Jeff got the hottest chicken wings they have. This was taken after he took a bite of one of them. Although actually he said they weren't that hot.

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