Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Nutcracker 2010

It is so fun when I am able to attend special field trips with my kids. I have gone to see the Nutcracker with Taylor first, then Emma and now Olivia. We had a fun time together and I am so glad I was able to go with her class.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

We decided this year that we needed to go home for Thanksgiving. The kids really missed our traditional Thanksgiving with all the family. We had a great time and now everyone is ready to move back home - except Jeff. There was one little problem with going home though. A big storm was expected in Utah and over the pass. I didn't want to tell the kids we couldn't go or that we had to shorten our trip so instead we went by way of Las Vegas and up through southern California. We left Friday night and stayed the night in Las Vegas then finished the rest of the trip Saturday. 

The hotel was great. It was Springhill Hotel and we would definitely stay there again.

Dad liked making us breakfast each morning and it was always something good.

 We had dinner at Ruth's house Sunday night and had fun visiting and playing games.

we went to visit the Zufelt's also on Sunday. Brian was trying some magnetic thing with the girls.

 I think it was working on Mikayla.

This is a picture of everyone skyping with Carter who is in hawaii.

The ladies man, Alex. He will be leaving for his mission soon.

Zufelt kids and Woods kids minus Carter who is at school and Zach who is on a mission.

We dropped the kids off to bowl while we did some shopping for Thanksgiving dinner.

 Can't miss the opportunity to eat at Taco Tree while you're in Auburn.

 Beautiful trees by Mena's house.
 Did some hair while I was there - pretty much paid for our trip.
 The kids all made several different types of cookies with Grandma for a cookie exchange.

 The girls made cookies and the boys played video games.
 Andy Rooney
 Girls having lots of fun together.

 We went to the Peterson's for dinner and games one night. many of our friends from Rocklin joined us and we had so much fun.
 Allen and Jeff
 I love playing Guesstures with these friends. Nothing makes me laugh harder. I'm just sorry I didn't get the picture of Mike skipping across the room or Lisa spanking her boody and swinging her lasoo. Then hearing Brian Favero guess, "who's your mama?" Very funny.

 I really should have taken this picture before Brian left so that Jeff wasn't the only short one in this group of giants.

We went to see tangled and we all loved it.

 Crafts for the kids Thanksgiving morning.

 Jeff and Richard went for a bike ride - something they used to do often before we moved.

 Then they checked their blood glucose after.

 Thanksgiving dinner at mom's.

 The deer were everywhere around mom and dad's house.

 We had to leave on Friday instead of Saturday before the next storm came in. But at least we were able to go through Tahoe this time.

Car in the Safeway parking lot in Truckee. Glad we missed that storm.