Monday, December 13, 2010

Schmeffer's Sweet 16

Jeffrey turned 16 this year - Yippee! and what is the one gift all my kids want? A trip home to California, so that is exactly what Jeffrey got. Madi went with him so he had someone on the train with him. Madi also had the camera. I knew Jeffrey wouldn't take pictures so I told Madi to get as many as she could when she was with him. They both had a great time. Jeffrey is ready to move home.

Cake and ice cream before he left

Hopping on the train at 11:30 pm for a long ride to California.

View from the train, I am guessing in Tahoe.

Jeffrey's plane dad is building for him along with a bigger plane behind Jeffrey that Tony is rebuilding.

Tony let Madi drive his truck while she was there. Of course she loved it.

 Jeffrey and Jacob at the Rocklin dance.

Madi and cami at the dance. 

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