Saturday, August 29, 2009

First Game

Jeffrey played his first high school football game this week. He has been waiting for this day. After moving to Utah he had to wait another year because high school doesn't start here until 10th grade. He really enjoyed everything about it from wearing the jersey to school, to the football table at lunch to the excitement of the game. They won 34-14 I think it was. We're looking forward to being there and watching more of his games this season. One of my favorite things about being a mom is supporting my children in their activities. I hope they all know I am their biggest fan.

I actually got Jeffrey to smile and he looks so cute and happy. Maybe that's not how a football wants to look.

Jeffrey likes this pose because he looks muscley.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Fugitive Again

Jeff says this fugitive needed to go on the blog. As we are visiting with the Doruis's and Tony and Tracey Saturday night, I am looking out the window and see car loads of kids getting dropped off at our house. Apparently we are having a party with Taylor's friends at our house and playing fugitive later on too. Didn't know that but that's ok. This fugitive was extra fun though. The kids were all having such a fun time. Why? Because I picked up a huge light at a friends house to find them with (thanks Leroy and Kelly). This light was amazing. I could see so far away and it was so bright. It scared them when they saw the light go by them.
As we are looking for some of the kids a police man drove by. There we are with the lift gate open on the Suburban and kids piled in it with a huge light they are flashing at homes and in backyards late at night. Jeff says to the officer, "It's ok officer, we're just playing fugitive". The officer is totally ok with it. Never mind the fact that no one is wearing a seat belt, there are too many people in the car and the lift gate is open with the kids' feet dangling out of the car, and some of the kids were coming out of someone else's backyard. Jeff says he loves how relaxed the police are out here. It was a fun night for all.

Here is the light we were using.

These are just a few of Taylor's friends that showed up. All the boys and more girls showed up shortly after I took this.

Last Hurrah

This was our last weekend before school started and we made it a fun one. Tony and Tracey came up to visit for a quick vacation before Tony starts another busy school schedule. It was fun to have them here with us.

First things first. I had Tracey bring me up some french bread from California. There is not a store out here that sells it and I miss it.

So yummy.
Tony and Tracey arrived early enough Thursday so Tony could watch Jeffrey's scrimmage. When they came home, Tony and Tracey made us this yummy dinner. Note the garlic bread made from the delicious french bread(that was my idea).

We drove around Salt Lake and did some touristy things Friday. That didn't sound fun to the kids so they all made plans with friends. We went to Tocano's at the Gateway for lunch which is always good.
Pedicures for the girls on Saturday.
Taylor's feet

Met up with the Dorius's for a movie later in the day Saturday. Tanya and I took the little ones to see Ponyo because of the high ratings. Weirdest show I have ever seen and would not recommend it. But you almost have to see it to see for yourself how unbelieveably weird it is.

After the movie we all came back to our house for dinner. This is Katelyn and Olivia in front of Uncle Tony's new car. The original plan was to go to the park for dinner and let the kids play but it was over a hundred degrees out so we opted to stay inside.

Emma, Nicolene and Mahri.
Emma took this cute picture of Mahri.
Renae, Madi, Mikayla and Hollie(our other daughter)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Fugitive II

Taylor got some of her friends together to play fugitive. I had Jeff help me find them and we certainly did better than Ruth and I did but I think we need a new route. Too many places off road that they can hide from us. They are ready to play again this weekend so I guess they had fun. Thanks for introducing us to the game Davis family(if only it could start a little earlier).

Those that I was able to get a picture of - Sadie, Courtney,Taylor and Mariah.

Monday, August 17, 2009

May We Never Forget the Cuteness

After looking around the house at all the messes in every corner, I had to take pictures. Emma and Olivia are all about playing. I don't get mad, I just laugh at how cute it is that these two love to play and go from one fun idea to another. All my kids have done the same thing and it is one thing that I don't want to ever forget - I just love watching them play in their make-believe worlds.

Emma and Olivia put make-up on each other with their eyes closed.

They took videos of themselves too.
Then they sewed.
I don't know what they were playing here with notes all over the house.

Then they had the dress up clothes out.
Playing in the bath is always a favorite. If you enlarge the picture you will see the pink ring around the tub from all the lipstick.
Olivia made her own Lambourghini.
This was for their cooking show.
They helped make cookies also while listening to church music.
Then they got out several church videos to watch. I took this picture the next morning that's why Emma is asleep in the picture. They both like to sleep downstairs lately because their room upstairs is too hot. And they like the tv in this room to watch when they wake up or go to bed at night.
Of course they also played with their babies.
All this in one Sunday afternoon.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Aunt Richard and Uncle Mena

My brother-in-law Mario took this picture or I should say messed with this picture. This was taken several years ago but every time I see it, it makes me laugh. It is so funny! It is of my sister Mena and her husband Richard and Mario switched their faces. Just plain scary looking! It cracks me up. The sad thing is, and nobody can tell little Richard, but Jeff thinks Richard kind of looks like their son little Richard in this picture. I decided I wanted this picture to go down in our family history books.

This is the original picture taken of them at the Oakland Temple.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Water Fun

As we were discussing our week on Sunday, I told the kids that Dr. Rampton, our orthodontist, was reserving Surf and Swim(wave pool and regular pool) for his clients and that we were all going to go. I thought this would be a fun thing to do as a family. Well, it didn't go quite as planned. I can no longer plan for my whole family anymore now that Jeff works more and I have teenagers. Jeff had to leave for St. George for a couple surgeries he had the next morning and my teenagers had lake trips and parties that they wanted to go to. It ended up just me, Olivia and Emma. Planning family activities was so much easier when they were all younger. I miss those days of complete control.

The Hansen's were there also and we had fun hanging out with them.

Katleyn didn't look too happy so I wasn't sure how she would feel if I took a picture of her. as soon as she saw a camera, she was all smiles. So cute.
Emma, Olivia, Meghan and Katelyn


Ever since I hit 40 my body has been going down hill fast. So besides changing eating habits, I took up a new sport... running. It has never been my favorite thing to do but it seems that everyone I know who runs looks great. I set goals for me to achieve as I run and on this day, I achieved my first goal which I was pretty excited about. This was about a week and a half ago and I have been surpassing that goal ever since. After passing my first goal(I won't say what it was) it seems I can now go forever, well almost. This dark picture is all I want to post of me after just waking up and running.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Summer Fun

We try to do at least one fun thing a day during summer break. The schools hand out free bowling passes for summer break. You still have to pay for shoes though but it is a little cheaper anyway. I love being with my kids and enjoy the time we have during summer to relax and have fun together.

Emma didn't want to bowl when we first got there. After maybe her second turn she was into it and having fun.

Olivia was so cute. She gave it her all when she was up.
Olivia wanting us to believe that she is using a size 10 ball.
They really were having fun.

Madi didn't want to be in any pictures so she took them instead.