Thursday, August 20, 2009

Fugitive II

Taylor got some of her friends together to play fugitive. I had Jeff help me find them and we certainly did better than Ruth and I did but I think we need a new route. Too many places off road that they can hide from us. They are ready to play again this weekend so I guess they had fun. Thanks for introducing us to the game Davis family(if only it could start a little earlier).

Those that I was able to get a picture of - Sadie, Courtney,Taylor and Mariah.

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Cherie said...

Yeah if only this game wasn't played practically in the middle of the night! I didn't even know that my kids played this at their friends houses here until we discovered that the Davis's played it. Taylor had a blast playing it at their house.
I am just glad other parents are the drivers here because in Idaho it doesn't even get dark in the summer until almost 10:30!
So here is your plan - Teach other parents how to play it, talk it up big, give them a challenge - so you don't have to be the drivers (wink wink)!!! Ha Ha that is unless you like that part!
The kids sure have fun though!