Monday, August 17, 2009

May We Never Forget the Cuteness

After looking around the house at all the messes in every corner, I had to take pictures. Emma and Olivia are all about playing. I don't get mad, I just laugh at how cute it is that these two love to play and go from one fun idea to another. All my kids have done the same thing and it is one thing that I don't want to ever forget - I just love watching them play in their make-believe worlds.

Emma and Olivia put make-up on each other with their eyes closed.

They took videos of themselves too.
Then they sewed.
I don't know what they were playing here with notes all over the house.

Then they had the dress up clothes out.
Playing in the bath is always a favorite. If you enlarge the picture you will see the pink ring around the tub from all the lipstick.
Olivia made her own Lambourghini.
This was for their cooking show.
They helped make cookies also while listening to church music.
Then they got out several church videos to watch. I took this picture the next morning that's why Emma is asleep in the picture. They both like to sleep downstairs lately because their room upstairs is too hot. And they like the tv in this room to watch when they wake up or go to bed at night.
Of course they also played with their babies.
All this in one Sunday afternoon.

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Csndice Rose Humes said...

I'm glad you call this may we never forget. but also never take for grated. I honestly never remember playing with my brothers. I remember wishing I had that kind of relationship with them. Your kids are lucky to have each other!