Sunday, August 2, 2009

Summer Fun

We try to do at least one fun thing a day during summer break. The schools hand out free bowling passes for summer break. You still have to pay for shoes though but it is a little cheaper anyway. I love being with my kids and enjoy the time we have during summer to relax and have fun together.

Emma didn't want to bowl when we first got there. After maybe her second turn she was into it and having fun.

Olivia was so cute. She gave it her all when she was up.
Olivia wanting us to believe that she is using a size 10 ball.
They really were having fun.

Madi didn't want to be in any pictures so she took them instead.


Pedaling said...

one fun thing every day?
wow, you are the best mom!

Dawn said...

That's so fun!!! I can't believe how grown-up all of your kids are!! They are all gorgeous!!
And all of those blue eyes.... I love it!!

dmd said...

You all look so cute!

David loves to bowl. What a way to beat the summer heat.

rad6 said...

I am so impressed with all the pics you take now. Looks like fun.