Sunday, August 23, 2009

Last Hurrah

This was our last weekend before school started and we made it a fun one. Tony and Tracey came up to visit for a quick vacation before Tony starts another busy school schedule. It was fun to have them here with us.

First things first. I had Tracey bring me up some french bread from California. There is not a store out here that sells it and I miss it.

So yummy.
Tony and Tracey arrived early enough Thursday so Tony could watch Jeffrey's scrimmage. When they came home, Tony and Tracey made us this yummy dinner. Note the garlic bread made from the delicious french bread(that was my idea).

We drove around Salt Lake and did some touristy things Friday. That didn't sound fun to the kids so they all made plans with friends. We went to Tocano's at the Gateway for lunch which is always good.
Pedicures for the girls on Saturday.
Taylor's feet

Met up with the Dorius's for a movie later in the day Saturday. Tanya and I took the little ones to see Ponyo because of the high ratings. Weirdest show I have ever seen and would not recommend it. But you almost have to see it to see for yourself how unbelieveably weird it is.

After the movie we all came back to our house for dinner. This is Katelyn and Olivia in front of Uncle Tony's new car. The original plan was to go to the park for dinner and let the kids play but it was over a hundred degrees out so we opted to stay inside.

Emma, Nicolene and Mahri.
Emma took this cute picture of Mahri.
Renae, Madi, Mikayla and Hollie(our other daughter)

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Candice Rose Humes said...

mom and dad had a great time. they told me about what emma said about their house... she told them they should get a mansion and mom said they don't need a mansion cuz it was just the two of them... she said that would be great cuz they could run throught the house with out stopping ! lol! i love that girl