Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Resurrection Rolls

We had our Easter Family Night this week and made our usual resurrection rolls. They are pretty yummy. Madi was in charge of the Priest/ Laurel activity this week and made some there too. Everyone loved them and three of her leaders asked for the recipe because they are so yummy and it is so cute with the resurrection/empty tomb story that goes along with it.
Fun tradition.

This one got a little ruined but still tastes good.

Look! the roll/tomb is empty.
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Prom Time Take Two

So we get a knock at the door at about ten the other night. Tyson is at the door asking for Madi. Unfortunately for him Jeff is the one that answered the door and gave him a hard time and told him yes Madi is here but he couldn't come in because it was late. Poor guy, I would have been much nicer, and I was. He has a dozen roses in his hand and asks Madi if she would go to the prom with him. She said yes and they talked for a little bit -at the door of course. Now the girls have both been asked and they are excited about planning and shopping for dresses. I suggested they get matching dresses since they are twins but I don't think they will go for that.
Love the teenage years and all the fun times.

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Prom Time

Funniest story. Saturday night Jeff and I ran to the store and Mikayla decided to go with us. As we are walking in she sees the boys in this picture over by the flowers. Mikayla quickly hides behind the vending machines and says she thinks Dallin is getting flowers because he is going to ask her to the prom tonight. She won't go in the store with us and continues to hide until they leave. The boys saw me but pretended not to. Finally a couple of them walk down the aisle I was on and casually say hi to me like they just saw me for the first time. We talk to them for a little bit and one of them is hiding the flower in his jacket(Dallin must now be hiding from us so we don't know he is there). Jeff gives them a hard time asking what they are doing and if they are stealing.
They were so funny. They got to our house first and we get a call from Madi asking where we are and when we are coming home but she can't say why she is asking(she doesn't know we know what is going on). We get home and the boys were all upstairs and Dallin is a nervous wreck because he doesn't know what to say. Madi tells him to just be himself and ask her. She said yes, of course.
Teenagers are so fun(ny).

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Emma and Olivia's Birthday Party 2010

Emma and Olivia had a really fun joint birthday party at Boondocks. There was so much to do and it was all unlimited. They did bumper boats, race cars, laser tag, arcade games. All the kids had fun. 

This a card Riley(Kelly's daughter) made for Emma. Riley is two and so cute.

Olivia and Lily(Hollie's little sister).

Emma and Madison(Kelly's daughter). 
These two are so close they fight like sisters but still love each other.

The two in the salmon and blue shirts are Madison's cousins who were up visiting from California so they joined us and we were happy to have them.

Olivia helping with a magic trick.

Emma's turn to help.

Kwincy(Tera's little girl)

River(Tera's son). Jeffrey's buddy.

Jeffrey took River on some rides that he was too small to go on by himself. River was feeling pretty cool hanging out with Jeffrey and walked with a little strut in his step. He told Tera he was inviting Jake from preschool, Michael from church and Jeffrey to his birthday party.

Kelly and Tera - always there for me - such good friends. They are both known as Olivia and Emma's other mother's. But Emma is sure to tell me I am her first mom.

All the girls ready to race.

They were squirting each other and getting pretty wet on this cold day.

Kennedy hiding trying to not get so wet.

Laser tag

I was babysitting a new lady in the wards daughter for her this day because she was on bed rest. My friend watched her while we were gone at the party then we picked her up after and all the girls had so much fun with her. 

Happy birthday to our fun, cute Emma. 9 years old.

Happy birthday to our sweet, funny Olivia. 11 years old this year.

And the party continued at home with Katelyn and Kennady.

Sadies 2010

I was fortunate enough to have the Sadies group of friends at our house Saturday night for dinner. It was fun to see them all together and having fun. They all looked so cute.
Mikayla did not want to go for some reason. By the time Madi and her friends talked her into asking someone(a week before the dance) he had already told someone else yes. Although a few days later the same guy asked Mikayla to the prom.

Chicken Alfredo with prosciutto, garlic bread and salad.

Erica and Hollie

Madi and Jake.All the boys in his family have the best smiles.

The football field Austin from Austin made with the treats.

The group at the dance.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

18 year anniversary

Friday afternoon I told Jeff we were going out for our anniversary but he didn't know what we were doing except our usual trip to the temple. We love going to the temple each anniversary to remember covenants made, 18 years ago now, and to reflect on where our family story began. Now to be here in Utah again and to be able to go back to the Salt Lake Temple, the temple we were sealed together in, is an even better thing. Funny thing though. We never made it to the temple. Jeff forgot his recommend. We thought we would go this weekend but he has been sick. Next weekend is General Conference and Easter so maybe we'll make it to the Salt Lake Temple a month late but we will get there.
We went to the Gateway where I had ordered some dinner to go for us at Biaggi's. I knew Jeff would also want some sushi from the sushi restaurant too so we picked him up a roll there and then got some yummy chocolate caramel marshmallows from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. I also got us a room at the Hyatt which is just off of the Gateway so we brought our food back to the room and dug in. I decided next getaway has to be at least a whole weekend long so we have more time to relax but with dinner parties, birthdays and school dances, that wasn't happening this time.
18 years and we are closer and more in love than we ever were!

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