Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Prom Time

Funniest story. Saturday night Jeff and I ran to the store and Mikayla decided to go with us. As we are walking in she sees the boys in this picture over by the flowers. Mikayla quickly hides behind the vending machines and says she thinks Dallin is getting flowers because he is going to ask her to the prom tonight. She won't go in the store with us and continues to hide until they leave. The boys saw me but pretended not to. Finally a couple of them walk down the aisle I was on and casually say hi to me like they just saw me for the first time. We talk to them for a little bit and one of them is hiding the flower in his jacket(Dallin must now be hiding from us so we don't know he is there). Jeff gives them a hard time asking what they are doing and if they are stealing.
They were so funny. They got to our house first and we get a call from Madi asking where we are and when we are coming home but she can't say why she is asking(she doesn't know we know what is going on). We get home and the boys were all upstairs and Dallin is a nervous wreck because he doesn't know what to say. Madi tells him to just be himself and ask her. She said yes, of course.
Teenagers are so fun(ny).

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hahahaha thats soo funny!!!