Sunday, March 28, 2010

18 year anniversary

Friday afternoon I told Jeff we were going out for our anniversary but he didn't know what we were doing except our usual trip to the temple. We love going to the temple each anniversary to remember covenants made, 18 years ago now, and to reflect on where our family story began. Now to be here in Utah again and to be able to go back to the Salt Lake Temple, the temple we were sealed together in, is an even better thing. Funny thing though. We never made it to the temple. Jeff forgot his recommend. We thought we would go this weekend but he has been sick. Next weekend is General Conference and Easter so maybe we'll make it to the Salt Lake Temple a month late but we will get there.
We went to the Gateway where I had ordered some dinner to go for us at Biaggi's. I knew Jeff would also want some sushi from the sushi restaurant too so we picked him up a roll there and then got some yummy chocolate caramel marshmallows from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. I also got us a room at the Hyatt which is just off of the Gateway so we brought our food back to the room and dug in. I decided next getaway has to be at least a whole weekend long so we have more time to relax but with dinner parties, birthdays and school dances, that wasn't happening this time.
18 years and we are closer and more in love than we ever were!

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M and B Jones said...

Congratulations! Here's to many, many more happy anniversaries.

rad6 said...

Happy happy anniversary. Fun. Loved catching up a little on your blog. I have been absent for weeks.