Saturday, February 28, 2009

She's a character

Our June bug can be so silly/funny. People say she has her father's personality.

Olivia stayed home from school Friday. I was exercising and she comes out with these signs to rate how I am doing.
The other day I walked by the living room and I see Olivia wearing this net from a bag of fruit on her head. She was not happy today to see that someone threw her "hat" in the garbage can.
we love Livvy Jun-Jun. She keeps us laughing all the time.

Friday, February 27, 2009

6th picture 6th folder

Ruth wanted me to put my 6th picture from my 6th folder up as part of a tag/challenge. I was anxious to see what the picture was.

This is Taylor with her basketball team at Sierra Elementary. They put the 4th graders on the same team as the 6th graders which were much bigger than them. Taylor is here with her friend Kylee. The other girls are Alexa(dark brown hair) and I can't remember the other girls name. Look for the other girls playing for Whitney and Rocklin - they are great players. I must add that Alexa got her start with me coaching her in 4th grade - that must be where she learned all her skills.
This was the 1st picture in the 6th album that I liked better. Jeff came home for lunch that day and they had a picnic in the backyard.

Monday, February 23, 2009

ski lessons

Olivia started ski lessons with her friend Kaitlyn. They are having so much fun and doing so well. Each week they move up another level because they are skiing so well. I hope to join them soon and get some pictures of them on the slopes. Their instructors are great! They have been doing this for 48 years and now have their grandkids joining them and helping. Kaitlyn's dad took lessons with them when he was young and didn't realize it was the same instructors he had.

Here they are bright and early Saturday morning ready to hop on the bus and head up the mountain. The bus is a major highlight. They get to watch movies, eat and there is even a bathroom on the bus that they think is so cool.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine's Day

We had a change of plans Valentines Day but it turned out to be a fun day anyway. Our original plan was for Jeff and I to go to the temple and breakfast(in the temple) in the morning. Jeff ended up having a surgery so he didn't get home until 1:00. It was snowing all day so the kids and I just had a relaxing day at home - I don't drive when it is snowing outside. I thought we should make igloos so the kids went out and got to work on them. We ended the day with our traditional crab dinner for Valentine's Day. For family night the Monday before we talked about loving each other more and speaking kind to each other. We made a "love box" and we needed to write something nice down about each other and put it in the box during the week which would be read during our crab dinner Saturday. We don't usually have a lot of arguing and fighting anyway, but this week I really noticed a difference. Everyone was so loving to each other. we also spent more time together this week and I know all the kids enjoy that. I am thankful we had this week to show our love for each other. My goal now is to keep it going.

we had a such a relaxing day at home that I didn't even put make-up on. That is why I wouldn't look up for pictures. This is our yummy dessert though. It's angel food cake with chocolate sauce, raspberries and whipping cream!

Here's all the kids ready to eat! we didn't overdue on crab this time so there were no stomach aches like usually happens.
Jeffrey was working hard on the igloo until as late as he could.
Emma, Olivia and their friend Madison made their own igloo.
Jeffrey and Taylor just getting started on the igloo.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Only in Utah

I just had to take a picture of this sign. We see this quite often around here for choir, enrichment or other activities a ward has coming up. Only in Utah would you see a sign like this on the side of the road - ok maybe in some areas of Idaho too but I don't know. I love it!

Monday, February 2, 2009

No days off

There are no days off in the life of a farmer. Even if all you have are a few chickens. Here's Jeff in his Sunday best wearing Madi's boots to take care of the chickens before leaving for church.

Tithing "in Kind"

The young men come around every fast Sunday to collect fast offerings. This Sunday people offered some things that were a little unexpected for the boys. They were given milk, chickens, goats, eggs and other things from families' produce or livestock. The boys had a lesson last week on how years ago members who didn't have money paid tithing "in kinds". Their teacher called us Saturday and asked if we would give one tenth of our chickens to them when they came around. Of course they delivered everything back to us when they were done but it was a good lesson for the boys- they took everything given them without questioning. Some of the leaders said it was funny to see them as they came to the building. One boy was pulling a goat alongside him.

Jeff gave these boys a ride to the building since their hands were full.
Here is Jeff with our offering. One of our chickens is in the box.

Weekend with the Sharp's

The Sharp family came and stayed with us this weekend. We all had a good time. We went sledding, played games, watched movies and ate yummy food. We look forward to when they can come again. The kids are also anxious to go up to their house and play with all their animals and all the fun things there is to do at their house.

Cute picture of Eliza
They brought their puppy with and all the kids enjoyed playing with it/him/her.
Eliza,Olivia, Jillian and Mikayla. Mikayla was Jillian's buddy this weekend.
Ella and Emma. They are just a few months apart and Emma can't wait to see her again.
Jeff and Matt
Matt put on a little weight and is proud of it.
Taylor heading up the hill.
Emma, Olivia and Ella
Taylor and Dalis looking so grown up. We have cute pictures of them together when they were just little.
Love this picture of Eliza. We took the picture because that was the face Jillian kept making and we wanted a picture of it. This time it was Eliza with the excited face.
Mikayla was playing with Jillian and Eliza the whole time.
Here's a cute picture of Jillian having fun.
This is just another cute picture of Jillian.
Eliza was eating the snow.
Aimee even took a few turns.
Everyone can appreciate a good deal when they see one. Perfectly good shirts in the middle of the road. They're a little too big for Jeff and Matt so I think we will send them to Richard who loves finding clothes alongside the road. It was the funniest thing though to see Matt turn around in the road and then see a hand reach out to pick up shirts on the ground. Very Thrifty.
Matt showed us a fun, fast paced game the whole family can play. We are going to play it for family night tonight.
Before leaving Matt wrote on the back of their car window "Idaho or bust". It's always fun spending time with good friends. Thanks for coming Sharp family!