Monday, February 2, 2009

Tithing "in Kind"

The young men come around every fast Sunday to collect fast offerings. This Sunday people offered some things that were a little unexpected for the boys. They were given milk, chickens, goats, eggs and other things from families' produce or livestock. The boys had a lesson last week on how years ago members who didn't have money paid tithing "in kinds". Their teacher called us Saturday and asked if we would give one tenth of our chickens to them when they came around. Of course they delivered everything back to us when they were done but it was a good lesson for the boys- they took everything given them without questioning. Some of the leaders said it was funny to see them as they came to the building. One boy was pulling a goat alongside him.

Jeff gave these boys a ride to the building since their hands were full.
Here is Jeff with our offering. One of our chickens is in the box.

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