Monday, February 23, 2009

ski lessons

Olivia started ski lessons with her friend Kaitlyn. They are having so much fun and doing so well. Each week they move up another level because they are skiing so well. I hope to join them soon and get some pictures of them on the slopes. Their instructors are great! They have been doing this for 48 years and now have their grandkids joining them and helping. Kaitlyn's dad took lessons with them when he was young and didn't realize it was the same instructors he had.

Here they are bright and early Saturday morning ready to hop on the bus and head up the mountain. The bus is a major highlight. They get to watch movies, eat and there is even a bathroom on the bus that they think is so cool.


rad6 said...

A definite Utah advantage!!! Learn to ski while you are there.

Rachael said...

How cute! I bet she lokks so cute on the slopes! All the little ones do!