Monday, February 2, 2009

Weekend with the Sharp's

The Sharp family came and stayed with us this weekend. We all had a good time. We went sledding, played games, watched movies and ate yummy food. We look forward to when they can come again. The kids are also anxious to go up to their house and play with all their animals and all the fun things there is to do at their house.

Cute picture of Eliza
They brought their puppy with and all the kids enjoyed playing with it/him/her.
Eliza,Olivia, Jillian and Mikayla. Mikayla was Jillian's buddy this weekend.
Ella and Emma. They are just a few months apart and Emma can't wait to see her again.
Jeff and Matt
Matt put on a little weight and is proud of it.
Taylor heading up the hill.
Emma, Olivia and Ella
Taylor and Dalis looking so grown up. We have cute pictures of them together when they were just little.
Love this picture of Eliza. We took the picture because that was the face Jillian kept making and we wanted a picture of it. This time it was Eliza with the excited face.
Mikayla was playing with Jillian and Eliza the whole time.
Here's a cute picture of Jillian having fun.
This is just another cute picture of Jillian.
Eliza was eating the snow.
Aimee even took a few turns.
Everyone can appreciate a good deal when they see one. Perfectly good shirts in the middle of the road. They're a little too big for Jeff and Matt so I think we will send them to Richard who loves finding clothes alongside the road. It was the funniest thing though to see Matt turn around in the road and then see a hand reach out to pick up shirts on the ground. Very Thrifty.
Matt showed us a fun, fast paced game the whole family can play. We are going to play it for family night tonight.
Before leaving Matt wrote on the back of their car window "Idaho or bust". It's always fun spending time with good friends. Thanks for coming Sharp family!


rad6 said...

Great snow pics!!! At Christmas you mentioned a new camera, what kind? What game did you learn? Send me an email. Always up for a new game!

Sharp Family said...

We had so much fun with you guys! The food was great! Can't wait to visit again! aimee