Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend/ Saturday

We had a fun start to our holiday weekend. Hillary invited us to her house in Eagle Mountain. Hillary is my brother-in-laws sister. Her sister Tara came over also with her family. We all grew up together - they are extended family. Their Sister Leslie was one of my good friends, their sister Syd was Mena's best friend and then Mena married Richard to really make us family. We had a fun time together. Thanks for having us over.

The boys played football after dinner.

The little girls had fun playing on the playset and trampoline.
This is Hillary's cute little baby.
This is Tara's cute little baby.
Tara with both babies.

Jeff and Cougar(Hillary's husband) went mountain biking while the rest of us went for a walk to look at the bike trails Cougar and his friend built for their neighborhood. They did an amazing job.
This is a teeter -totter thing for the bikes Emma is playing on.
On our way back home the rain really started coming down and we got drenched. This Emma with one of Hillary's kids,
Tara's other cute little girl.
Hillary, me and Tara.
David, Jeff and Cougar
Hillary makes jewelry so we bought some from her. Olivia is wearing a necklace that Hillary gave her.

Memorial Day Weekend/ Sunday

We were trying to make it a party everyday of the long weekend. We wanted to get together with the Dorius's Sunday for dinner and games but they were busy. We played with hair instead.

I didn't put highlights in Olivia's hair - this is Emma's Hannah Montana wig.

I did decide that it was time I teach Madi and Mikayla how to do each others hair though so they don't have to wait for me all the time.

It was taking too long with Mikayla trying to do Madi's hair that I took over on Mikayla's and told Madi they can practice on my mannequin head with shaving cream.

Memorial Day Weekend/Monday

We had a fun time on Monday out on the farm with the Sharp family in Idaho. The weather was beautiful, we played and got a lot of farm work done - warning some pictures may be disturbing.

Matt, Aimee, me and Jeff

We started with enjoying the Sharps latest kill. They grilled up a bunch of spare ribs from their biggest pig.
Jillian, Emma and Ella
Eliza and Olivia
Madi, Mikayla and Taylor with Jillian
Jeff getting the ice cream going! Yum!
Olivia and Eliza were playing dress up.
Cute picture of Emma and Ella.
The girls inside playing games while Jeff and Matt add on to the chicken coop.

Emma and Ella pulling the dog around in the wagon.
They all loved riding the quad.

Love this picture.
My girls were playing with the camera.
Jeffrey and Mikayla trying to talk Madi into getting on with Mikayla. It didn't work.

This is our pig as soon as it is big enough eat.
Roosters are beautiful. I just wish they weren't mean and loud.
Girls playing with camera again. Jolly Rancher ice cream syrup?
Cute shot of Jillian and her dog.
Ice cream time!
Little girls being silly.
Jeff and Matt put this door thingy that Jeff is holding up on the coop.

Dad, look away now. These pictures are not pretty!
So I'm talking to Aimee on the phone Sunday night about food plans when she says, "hold on a minute Carolyn... What matt? Can't you castrate after? Oh you want to cook the balls?" I guess on the farm this is not unusual conversation but for the rest of us city folk....!?! What are we having for dinner? Well, luckily we didn't eat any Fear Factor type food but I did get some good pictures of the castration. Continue on if you enjoy sick pictures like these.

with Jeff and Matt
They've got the clothes on, the razor and disinfectant -they're ready to go.
One more cut.

There it is. You can imagine the noises this pig was making.
I will leave this blog on a better note - A cute picture of Madi with Jillian.