Sunday, May 10, 2009

Update On Work In Progress

Jeff has been working hard on his chicken coop and is proud of how it is coming along.This is the storage box on the left and nesting box on the right.

Here are the chickens in their new box.
Inside the coop.
Roost to sleep on at night.
Door out to their run.
Back side of chicken coop. I know the neighbors chimney looks nice on the coop but we're not putting one on.

Farmer Jeff posing for Farmer's co-op Magazine - for those ladies who loooove poultry!
Saturday was a busy day of working in the backyard. Jeff and Olivia are riding around on the tractor that will put the holes in the ground for the trees in our orchard.
The coop is placed where it will stay now.
We had to get it moved so our yard could be tilled today for grass. The coop is done except for the roof and paint job.

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joanne said...

I love it! Frank would be jealous....he has always wanted chickens! We miss you guys, but it looks like you have a wonderful life in Utah. I finally got caught up on your blog today. It was fun! Love all the pictures.