Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Thank Heaven She's OK

Taylor really gave us scare on Monday. Let me preface by saying a friend of Taylor's just came home from Primary Children's hospital after a bad fall in the kitchen. Katie, her friend, was in the kitchen with her dad making rings because she was running for Secretary at school. She was getting tired and her dad told her to hang in there they were almost done. They believe her knees buckled and she fell to the floor. Long story short, she cracked her skull and has no memory of anything. The doctor said they believe it will come back but it could take up to a year. On a side note, her cousn who is a boy and very close to her, kind of like Stone and Taylor, gave her speech at school for her and even had a recording from Katie saying somthing which was very sweet and of course she won. Taylor has been so concerned for Katie and has visited her in the hospital with friends, which was a difficult visit for them all - very emotional. She has also made her cookies and visited Katie at home.
Now back to Taylor. I was making dinner Monday night when Taylor comes to me crying saying she doesn't remember anything. After all this with her friend, I wasn't sure what was going on. I believed her but it was so wierd that I continued with dinner and let some time go by. Taylor kept asking, " why does my head hurt and why is my lip fat?" I didn't notice her lip at first but then Olivia told me what happened. Taylor was playing on Jeffrey's pull up bar doing flips on it when the bar fell and Taylor came down with it, apparently right on her face. Taylor was resting on the couch while I was on-line looking up head injuries. Mikayla and Olivia were sitting with her and Taylor was asking every thirty seconds what happened. She couldn't remember anything right after they told her. She also kept asking for Mariah(her friend) over and over and if she was there and if Cody was there. She was out of it. After learning a few things on-line and talking to a few friends that are nurses, I decided she needed to get to the ER. Thankfully it is nothing more than a concussion. It is now two days later and she still gets dizzy when she stands up and her head is pounding but she will continue to recover. What a blessing! Taylor is such a joy to have in the family. She has always been such a happy child with a big smile. Since she was a baby, I have felt the happiness she would bring to this family with her sweet spirit. We all love Taylor so much and are so thankful she is recovering and going to be ok.

This is the next morning - a little more alert but with a pounding headache.

Why the pictures of Olivia looking like this on this blog? It was crazy hair day at school and one of the things Taylor asked over and over again was, "Why does Olivia's hair look like that?" We thought it was funny.

Crazy hair, but still cute.


Cherie said...

Ok that is super scary.

Head injuries are nothing to sneeze at - Glad she is doing better.

Olivia's hair is super cute - Kind of like a "Who" in "Who-ville!".

Bobbi Jo said...

That is so scary! I am so glad that she is alright. I am sure you are so glad too.That must be odd having no memory. That is so sweet about her cousin. Families are great! I will be praying for her and a quick recovery.
Olivia's hair is so fun!
Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Sharp Family said...

Hope Taylor is feeling better soon. That is really scary! Hope her friend recovers quickly also.