Sunday, May 3, 2009

Wickizer Weekend

Without planning it my little girls and I had a fun weekend with our good friends the Wickizer's.
Next week we're all off to finally see the new Hannah Montana movie together.

Our elementary school had a skate night at Family Fun Center. This place is great because everything to do there is so cheap. The kids skated, played in the bounce house and in the climbing/slide area thingy. Here, Emma is using her tokens that are only 10 cents each on fun games.

This is my good friend Tara and her cute son Rock. Our girls are inseparable which is good because then we get to see each other more.
Olivia, Katelyn and River(my little buddy). River is the cutest, funniest kid. He is so fun to be around. He likes just hanging out at our house with the girls.
The girls earned free pizza for reading at school so we went and got their pizzas and headed to the park to play.

Emma and Kennady
Olivia and Katelyn again. The great thing about when all these girls play is that they entertain themselves. I never need to find something for them to do. The girls and River are like my adopted kids that we would take anywhere with us.

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