Monday, May 4, 2009

Olivia's Field Trip

Olivia's class had a field trip to Fort BuenaVentura in Ogden. I love going with my kids on their field trips. It has been a goal of mine to try and go to all of their field trips with them. They love it and they like that they can usually go home with me after even though there may be some school time left. Miles Goodyear was a mountain man that settled in Utah before the Mormon's came along. He built this fort to re-supply wagon trains on the Oregon Trail. It is a beautiful place. Great hiking trails and camping. It has a small lake to canoe in or fish in also. I think our family will come back in the summer to play.

If anyone knows Olivia very well then they know how scared she is of dogs. These were search and rescue dogs they were showing the kids. When the lady asked if anyone was afraid of dogs, Olivia didn't hesitate to raise her hand. Because of it, she got to go up and pet the dog and stay there by it as the lady spoke. Olivia did a great job.

Yikes! This is Olivia learning how to throw a tomahawk.
Olivia and her friend Mia.
This was so funny. It was the girls against the boys on the rope pull and the girls won every time.
This is how the boys always ended up.
Olivia and Mia came in third place in the sack race.
Here they cheated and didn't use a bag at all so they came in first place. Olivia's idea I'm sure.
It may look like Olivia is ahead of everyone but actually she didn't race at all. She waited and when they all started rounding the corner she started running and joking that she won. the other funny thing is she was in the line to race with them and when their teacher said go, everyone started running one way and Olivia ran the other right back to where she was sitting. She was cracking herself up. She is so funny. People tell her she is just like her dad.
They had a surprise at the end of the day for the kids. The bag in the air, that exploded out of this cannon, was full of candy that the kids were able to run and find. It was a fun day and thankfully the weather was nice also.

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Cherie said...

These kinds of field trips are THE BEST!!! I love all the mountain man kind of stuff. That is cool that the cannon shot out candy - What a fun treat!

One of my good friends little girls is really afraid of dogs too. Boy that fear is VERY real so Kudo's to Olivia for being brave enough to stand next to the dog.