Sunday, May 17, 2009

Time with Dad

I didn't realize what a big deal Wednesday night was for my little girls until this week. First I told Emma the older kids and I were leaving for mutual and she said "you mean it's just going to be the little kids with dad?" I told her yes and she jumped for joy. Then when I told Olivia she said, "Oh I can't wait to see what Dad has planned for us, he always does something fun with us." I went in and told Jeff that he better do something good with them because that's what they were expecting. They do have fun together when we're all gone, but I don't think Jeff knew either how much they liked Wednesday night with dad.

A trip to the store for a treat is a must do.

The favorite thing they look forward to is the tickle game.

I love that they have such simple activities that will bring memories to last a lifetime. Twenty years from now they'll be saying "Remember when everyone else went to mutual and we got to stay home with dad and we played the tickle game?"
Fun important.


rad6 said...

My kids do the same thing, except it is not for mutual that I will be gone, it is other random things (so they are all home quite often), but when they find out..."you mean it will just be the kids and dad?" ... they get all excited and start right in to plan the evening. Dad's are just too much fun!

Cherie said...

Looking at this post and the one below - LOVE IT!!

Dad time is SO important. SO IMPORTANT!!

Your hubby looks like he is a really fun dad too :D

Shauna said...

Hope you have a super weekend!
♥ HUGS ♥