Sunday, May 17, 2009

Baby Chicks

On impulse this weekend we decided to purchase some little chickies. The kids are loving them. Now we should have enough eggs each day to keep up with our size famiy. 2 to 3 a day wasn't cutting it - especially when the hens eat some of them before we can grab them.

Madi with one of the one week old chicks. This is a Rhode Island Red. She will be a pretty dark red when she gets older.

Mikayla is holding a one week old Buff Orpington. She will be a beautiful tan color.
Taylor with one week old Buff Orpington.
The kids like to hold the chicks this way and they seem to like it.
The chicks don't move when you hold them like this.
This is a two week old Barred Rock. These are my favorite because they come out a really pretty black and white stripe. With their red comb, it looks really cool.
This is the oldest of our chicks. She is six weeks old. Kind of the ugly duckling now but she will be beautiful.We all go through an awkward stage don't we?
Hemmi with her chick named Tori.
The look on this chicks face makes you wonder what she's thinking with these two chicks asleep on her back end.
They look just like the fake ones you get at Easter time.
You can see they like to cuddle.


Candice Humes said...

OMG(osh) those chickies are so cute!!! i want a chicken house! quite the farmers y'all are turning out to be

Cherie said...

I cannot let any of my kids see this post - Baby chicks are the best. So fuzzy and cute!

Angie said...

We miss seeing all the spring chicks at my mom's house. Yours are so cute. I'm sure the kids love them.
We used to hold our bunny upside down like that and it made him calm, too. Someone told me it's the way their anatomy is designed-all the blood rushes to their heads. Don't know if that's true though.

dawn said...

Wow did those pictures bring back memories. When i was a kid we raised ducks, finches, ring neck doves, parakeets, cockatils, and I had a beautiful white king pigeon.
I've always been grateful to my dad for giving me the opportunity to raise various birds. I'm sure your children will have as fond of memories as I do.
Aunt Dawn