Saturday, May 23, 2009

Hogle Zoo Field Trip

I have never been to the Hogle Zoo in Salt Lake before. It is a nice zoo. I went with Emma's class for their field trip. We had a fun time.

This was my group, Emma, Kate and Delia.They are standing in front of the elephant that squirts water at you.

Here is where they could smell Elephant pooh. Notice Emma holding her nose. I'm not sure why anyone would want to smell that. I passed.

Lunchtime. My kids love field trips because we always go to the store and get yummy stuff for their lunches.
This is Emma's teacher Miss Allington. She is the best. She has always wanted to be a teacher and she really loves the kids. She has cerebral palsy and most with this condition cannot function mentally and physically as well as she does. She was also Miss Handicap Utah last year - I think that was the title.
Can you see the focal point in this picture? Big hair is still an issue in Utah. You may have to enlarge the picture to really appreciate. I wish I could have got a better shot of the front but I didn't want to look too obvious. Let me just say, this hair was GINORMOUS!
I'm not sure this is allowed...

This griaffe was entertaining us with his skills. He kept spinning this twig around in his mouth with his tongue.

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