Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sadie Hawkins

Ok. I have been waiting to get more pictures from the girls' friends but it is taking too long. The post I had earlier with the balloons and writing(with Oreo's) on the car were for Sadie Hawkins, not for prom, that already happened. Here is what we have from Sadie Hawkins. This was the girls first dance since turning 16. They have found a great group of youth to hang out with at school. They had a fun time at all the activities that went along with Sadies.

Here is the group that went together for the Sadies. I will try and download the picture they took at the dance. This was taken at the BBQ dinner they had just before at Hollie's house.

This was a part of the Friday activities. The group took Frontrunner to The Gateway mall in Salt Lake. I'll let Mikayla explain from here.
We had a list of random things that we were supposed to do and take pictures of them. This one we were told to take a picture of cowboy hats(they really weren't though).
This was in Dick's and it's an action shot of us playing golf. I don't think we were supposed to be doing this though.
I thought these skirts were really tacky and we had to take a picture in the ugliest clothes. This was in Hot Topic(Satan's store).
It was really cold but my date,Brandon, wanted to walk through it and try not to get hit. Oh yeah and we also got a picture of a homeless guy with his dentures in his hand. It's ok though because we paid him for it!
This is at Myryka's house where we had pizza after the scavenger hunt. On the far left is Madi, then Hollie and Rachael. Oh and we splatter painted our shirts for the dance(hence Hollie's orange mouth).
Starting on the left is Hollie,me,Madi, and Abby.
This was at Jackie's house after the dance where we watched a movie (Brandon wanted to secretly be in the picture).
Madi wanted a full body shot of her Sadie's outfit.
This was Madi's hair for the dance. Hollie did it and I felt bad because she didn't get to do her own hair curly.

I liked my hair alot better when it was pulled back :)
Abby and Madi


Bobbi Jo said...

Cute pictures and what fun! Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Cherie said...

It's so great to be a teenager! Fun fun Sadie Hawkins! The picture from Hot Topic (Satan's store) funny! Homeless man with dentures in hand...they paid him...I can't stop laughing!!