Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine's Day

We had a change of plans Valentines Day but it turned out to be a fun day anyway. Our original plan was for Jeff and I to go to the temple and breakfast(in the temple) in the morning. Jeff ended up having a surgery so he didn't get home until 1:00. It was snowing all day so the kids and I just had a relaxing day at home - I don't drive when it is snowing outside. I thought we should make igloos so the kids went out and got to work on them. We ended the day with our traditional crab dinner for Valentine's Day. For family night the Monday before we talked about loving each other more and speaking kind to each other. We made a "love box" and we needed to write something nice down about each other and put it in the box during the week which would be read during our crab dinner Saturday. We don't usually have a lot of arguing and fighting anyway, but this week I really noticed a difference. Everyone was so loving to each other. we also spent more time together this week and I know all the kids enjoy that. I am thankful we had this week to show our love for each other. My goal now is to keep it going.

we had a such a relaxing day at home that I didn't even put make-up on. That is why I wouldn't look up for pictures. This is our yummy dessert though. It's angel food cake with chocolate sauce, raspberries and whipping cream!

Here's all the kids ready to eat! we didn't overdue on crab this time so there were no stomach aches like usually happens.
Jeffrey was working hard on the igloo until as late as he could.
Emma, Olivia and their friend Madison made their own igloo.
Jeffrey and Taylor just getting started on the igloo.

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Washington Family said...

Hi!! Of course I remember you! Not sure how or when but I somehow saw pictures of you and the family surrounded by snow. A while back I found Sorens blog and maybe that was I can't find it. Drew has her own blog now. I set it up for her to keep in touch with her cousins. When Drew came back from Utah I wrote an email to Tanya, thanking her for having Drew over...that sort of thing and I asked about you guys then. I wondered if you lived in Utah because that was alot of snow! How's Aunt Deanna and uncle Tony? Last I heard was that their house was being rebuilt from a pretty bad fire. I hope things are better for them.
Anyway your kids are so dang cute! They have such beautiful blue eyes! It hecka stands out! You guys look great too! Thanks for leaving a comment it was a surprise, I'll add ya to the list!