Friday, February 27, 2009

6th picture 6th folder

Ruth wanted me to put my 6th picture from my 6th folder up as part of a tag/challenge. I was anxious to see what the picture was.

This is Taylor with her basketball team at Sierra Elementary. They put the 4th graders on the same team as the 6th graders which were much bigger than them. Taylor is here with her friend Kylee. The other girls are Alexa(dark brown hair) and I can't remember the other girls name. Look for the other girls playing for Whitney and Rocklin - they are great players. I must add that Alexa got her start with me coaching her in 4th grade - that must be where she learned all her skills.
This was the 1st picture in the 6th album that I liked better. Jeff came home for lunch that day and they had a picnic in the backyard.


Rachael said...

How cute! Love the picnic, so sweet!

Cherie said...

Hi I am Ruth's SIL so I thought I would come see your picture too! I love girl's basketball so fun! Also love your first picture and the fact that your husband came home to have a picnic with your daughter - very sweet and special.

I met you once or twice (last time I remember at Leah's blessing) - Your kids have gotten so big and I love that top picture!!

rad6 said...

Both are great! That one of jeff pulls a heartstring. But I am with Cherie... I LOVE GIRLS BASKETBALL, boys too!


Cherie said...

Carolyn - To put the quote on your blog just right click on it and save it as a picture and add it to your side bar as a picture/gadget:D

It was fun to have you visit! I'll be back to visit your blog too!

Angie said...

Wow-I haven't seen you guys in a long time. These pictures are how I remember your kids....all the more recent pictures are the ones that look out of place to me!