Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My Birthday Weekend

I had a fun birthday weekend. Mom and Dad came up and we had fun hanging out, eating and shopping. Olivia was so cute and must have told me six or seven times happy birthday on Sunday. After we ate dinner, Olivia told me not to clean a thing and to go sit down on the couch so she could rub my feet. I love my kids.

 Mom and I went to The Quilted Bear to shop around on Friday. I liked these signs for the laundry room. The top is my favorite - it says, "I don't skinny dip, I chunky dunk.

I saw this a few weeks ago at the Quilted Bear and finally bought it this time as a present for myself. I am excited to decorate it each season.

We went to dinner Friday night with Nathan and Tanya and Mom and Dad. We went to a place in Ogden that my girls(Emma and Olivia) went to before with some friends of ours. It is called Prairie Schooners and it is really good with a fun atmosphere.
Nathan's Rico suave look. He loves it.

This was in the center of the wagons(tables) we were seated in.Tanya is picking the bears nose.

Birthday cake at home with the family on Sunday. It was nice that my birthday was on Sunday so it could be a more relaxing day to enjoy the company of my family without anything else going on. We played games, ate a good meal and had two delicious cakes.

Jeff gave me cake decorating lessons for my present and mom bought me some new supplies. I made up the frosting before we left for dinner Saturday and when we came home, this is what Renae had made just off of the little bit mom taught her about decorating earlier that day. She's a natural. It was beautiful.


Sharp Family said...

Happy Belated Birthday! It looks like you had a great day!

Fairy Godmother said...

Happy bday, too! You always have fun...no need to worry there!